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    we are having trouble printing PDFs using a HP Color LaserJet CP1515n over USB (although we are not dependent on this specific device) on an EFUS A9 module.
    We already managed to get the appropriate HDC and draw something with GDI functions which was correctly printed (
    Unfortunately PDFs are another matter altogether. Is there a way to convert PDFs to an image format (e.g. PNG or BMP) or is there another way to print PDFs under WEC 2013?


    We used to sign our assemblies with a strong name key when we still used .NET-CF 2.5 on a different vendor's WinCE 6.0 board (deployed from VS 2008). Now we want to use .NET-CF 3.9 and WEC 2013 but apparently there is no option to sign an assembly when building from VS2013. The relevant properties tab is missing from the project properties page.

    How can we configure a project to be signed before deployment?

    There is also another inconvenience with deployment, it seems like we have to set the IP of the target device in every project in the solution. But the target device could change its IP rather often, so it's annoying to go over every project (20+) in the solution to update the target IP. Is there an easier way to do this?


    We are having trouble with drawing images (png) which contain alpha information. Since .NET-CF ommits alpha information when opening an image file, we used to use the "Imaging" API (…73(v=winembedded.60).aspx) when we used a different board with .NET-CF 2.5 on WinCE 6.

    Microsoft recommends to use WIC ( and we decided to go with this recommendation when switching platforms to .NET-CF 3.9 on WEC 2013.

    How do we include or enable this and subsequently use it in our project?