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    I can't seem to run Remote Powertoys v3.9 for performance analyses of my WEC application.

    I am using VS2013 and can remote debug using Windows Embedded managed debugger (conmanclient3, cmaccept , etc.)

    I want to analyse the memory usage and performance on the WEC device (QBlissA9). I have tried Remote Tools Framework (remote Tools Shell) and then Performance Monitor which does connect to the device but I don't seem to get any reading of any performance counter I add.

    I'd like to use PowerToys but it can even connect and shows up an error "an transient error occurred whlie connecting: A CoreCon transport threw an exception from CreateStream"

    How can I view the memory of the system during runtime?

    many thanks


    I am trying to update the kernel (running from USB stick) with KernelUpdate2013_V1.16.exe on QBlisA9 platform and it fails.
    After starting up the dialog says: Action: Checking Platform. Result: Platform not supported.

    The kernel BIN file starts with XIPiMX6_C8E_V210

    I also tried the Beta version 1.17.
    Any pointers in getting this to work?

    Much appreciated.


    I want to make some Windows registry changes and I noticed there are some FFSDISK folders Windows/Registry.
    Are these for automatically applying reg changes? Similar as the way you can register a new font? How to use this feature then?

    If not, how can I apply reg changes without writing code for it.



    I have 2 QBlissA9 boards that have this problem. When I try to re-image them EBoot asks for MAC address (default is ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff). When I give the MAC address I can continue but it seems the board is reseting itself over and over. When I download a new image with du. It starts the process but does not seem to make it to the end. The device does not boot into Windows CE.
    These boards have worked before.
    Anyone had this problem? What has happened and how to correct it?

    Best regards