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    At the moment I only used the DCUTerm tool. By trying to install the required USB driver including within the NetDCUUSBLoader tool, I got a error message about missing digital signature of the driver.

    The "Waiting for EBoot, U-Boot, NBoot, M4 Image..." message does appear after pressing 'd' for the serial download.

    Afterwards the bootloader image has been downloaded over the "Transmit Binary File" button. During the download process a lot of unexpected character sequences appear in the terminal and it was not possible to save the image by pressing 'f'.

    I found a workaround by using the DCUTerm under Linux with wine. It works as expected and for me it is the preferred platform to download a bootloader image.


    I'm trying to download the u-boot bootloader over the DCUTerm tool. By using the tool under Windows 7, the download of the bootloader works as expected. But by using the tool under Windows 10, it was not possible to download the bootloader.

    It was possible to get into the NBoot menu and select the "Serial download of bootloader" action. Now, the NBoot is waiting for the u-boot image. After selecting the "Transmit Binary File" action, the download starts but a lot of characters are shown in the terminal instead of the expected dots...

    Is there any official Windows 10 support for the DCUTerm or NetDCU-USB-Loader tool?

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