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    I got that the maximum transmissible payload is hardlimited to 8 byte. But still, I want to set the DLC to a value greater than 8. Of course, doing so won't extend the MTU, and I don't expect it to do so.

    All I'm looking for is to set the DLC to a kind of 'invalid' value of e.g. 10 and transmit only 8 byte of data.

    Nevertheless, I currently found that CanPort.Write(string tosend) accepts arbitrary DLC values without error and truly sets the bits on the line like given.

    If you know another method which spares the conversion from binary to ascii, please let me know.

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    I know it seems a bit odd but I'm trying to send a frame over CAN with the DLC being set to a value greater than 8.

    (I still expect the driver to only transmit 8 bytes.)

    As stated in your CAN driver documentation (Version 2.06, 2015-03-23), such values will silently be sent (despite actually transmitting only 8 bytes of payload).

    Now my problem is that your .NET API implementation does not accept any DLC parameter greater than 8 and does not transmit any frames on invocation. I.e. an errorcode/exception occurs.

    Can you think of a workaround that allows me to use your API and still send frames with DLC > 8 ?

    Maybe WriteRegister()/WriteRegisterRM() could do the trick ?

    I'm using an EFUSA9 w\ WinEC2013.

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm currently struggling with receiving CAN frames in which the RTR bit is set to 1 using the CANPort.dll (v1.0.2897.27253).

    I connected two EFUSA9 via CAN and transmit frames from one to the other using the WriteTransmitData() function. (rtr parameter is hardcoded to 1)

    The other EFUS repeatedly reads events by means of the ReadEventData() function, but never receives a CanEventFlags.RECEIVED event.

    When setting the rtr parameter to 0, all frames are correctly received and the event is properly read!

    Do I have to adjust some kind of special setting to be able to receive RTR frames ? I couldn't find dedicated information in the documentation.

    Some of the settings I use:



    CanPort.CanAcceptanceFilter.code = 0

    CanPort.CanAcceptanceFilter.mask = 0xFFFFFFFF


    Thanks in advance & best regards