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    Hello, my objective is to get a browser in kiosk mode to display an angular web application in fullsccreen. The app is optimized for chrome so I would prefer to use chrome or a chromium variant. Currently there is no predefined way to install any browser but midori, which has some problems with complex javascript. And after searching around a bit it seems as if compiling chrome is a major hassle. Do you have any experience or tips in regards to this? Alternatively I'm willing to give other browsers like firefox a shot as well.

    Hello, I'm currently trying to get docker to work on my armStoneA9R2 using the newest software release (fsimx6-3.1).

    The included buildroot version is a bit dated by now (May 2016) and does not support docker yet.

    The upstream of buildroot has added support for installing docker.

    Is there a way to make the upstream version compatible to the board or do I have to wait for the next release? :/