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    Software works fine now. All customers report no problems any more. Thank you.
    Just one question. Could you create the same version with a different date on desktop / in debug of bootloader?
    At the moment I can't distinguish between old and this beta.
    Thanks a lot.

    Best regards, Kaiser

    Hello together,

    do you know if there is a problem with the WriteFile() to serial interface (COM2:) method?
    Used kernel: Build date 15 May 2014

    I have following problem:
    When I use this method extensively, sometimes my complete board freezes because the WriteFile() method does not return any more - it still hangs. Sometimes this happens after a few minutes, sometimes after some hours and sometimes not on a day.

    Now I have tested this with a timer all 20ms sending a string of approx. 30 chars to COM2: and after max. 30min the board freezes - most times much earlier.

    At the moment I'm testing it on an older NetDCU6 board and for the moment it looks ok. I will report if there are some changes.

    Best regards, Kaiser


    I have problems with the calibration points on new 11.2 boards.
    Especially on the right and left side, middle height, I have a divergence about 0.5cm.
    Everywhere else on the screen (top, bottom, middle, the pressed point is correct.
    My touch settings are:

    1. reg open \Hardware\Devicemap\Touch
    2. reg set value Debounce dword 1
    3. reg set value MinCalibrationPointCount dword 10
    4. reg set value PollUpTimeMultiplier dword 5
    5. reg set value TouchSamples dword 5
    6. reg set value MaxCalError dword 25
    8. reg set value Status dword 0

    Does nobody have similar problems?
    I have seen this behaviour on several boards. Also customers are not very lucky with this.
    On old 11 boards there were no such problems.
    At the moment I use 1.28 Kernel with 1.39 bootloader - maybe there is an update?

    Thanks in advance


    I'm trying to trigger a scanner and read the read data over a serial connection.
    Triggering by a short message and reading the data works fine but is very slow.
    After reading the data, I want to trigger again, but I get no result. I have to wait aprox. 200ms Sleep(200). When I trigger after that time, I get a result. When I don't wait, my scanner delivers no data back.
    What could be the problem?
    I assume maybe the timeouts are the problem? But I set it to:
    COMMTIMEOUTS timeouts;
    timeouts.ReadIntervalTimeout = MAXDWORD; // MAXDWORD
    timeouts.ReadTotalTimeoutMultiplier = 0;
    timeouts.ReadTotalTimeoutConstant = 0;
    timeouts.WriteTotalTimeoutMultiplier = 0;
    timeouts.WriteTotalTimeoutConstant = 0;
    and no success.
    I raised the thread priority from THREAD_PRIORITY_NORMAL up to THREAD_PRIORITY_TIME_CRITICAL but also no success.
    Anyone a Idea? I don't know how to speed up my reading.

    Thanks a lot in advance


    I cannot finish the touch calibration after set following properties in the registry.

    1. reg open \Hardware\Devicemap\Touch
    2. reg set value Debounce dword 0
    3. reg set value MinCalibrationPointCount dword 1
    4. reg set value PollUpTimeMultiplier dword 1
    5. reg set value TouchSamples dword 3

    When I finish touch calibration, it starts again in the middle.
    When I clear the registry in the bootloader, I am able to calibrate and save.
    After setting the registry values again to this above, it doesn't word any more.

    Any ideas? With NetDCU 11 there were no problems.

    I have tested it with all parameters seperately. It works only if no parameter is set. If at least one parameter is set, the calibration does not finish.
    When I remove the parameter, it works again. After deleting the registry I have following parameters set:

    For information here is the debug output from the old NetDCU11 board:

    2. TCHPDD: EnableTouchscreen UCB1400
    3. TCHPDD: EnableTouchscreen PASSED

    and here is the debug output from the new NetDCU11.2 not working board:

    2. TCHPDD: EnableTouchscreen WM9715
    3. TCHPDD: EnableTouchscreen PASSED

    The kernel is the latest you send to me:

    1. Windows CE Kernel for ARM (Thumb Enabled) Built on Mar 8 2013 at 17:05:33
    2. NetDCU11 V1.28 - Firmware Init
    3. Copyright (c) 2007 F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH
    4. Build: Jun 12 2013/16:21:05


    I reviewed my sourcecode and found following out:
    1) The network connection problems start wehen I use the send method. The first few times it works fine but after some sent messages it works slower and slower. After about 4 messages ist takes a few seconds until message is send out, then longer and longer. Later the network connection brakes down.
    2) I assume that the reason are the very short messages I send (about 20Bytes). So I tested following points 3) and 4) but without success.
    3) I tried non blocking mode with

    1. u_long ul = 1U;
    2. int iResult = ioctlsocket(m_ServerSocket, FIONBIO, &ul);

    4) I tried disabling Nagle algorythm (TCP_NODELAY) with

    1. char value = 1;
    2. iResult = setsockopt(m_ServerSocket, IPPROTO_TCP, TCP_NODELAY, &value, 4);

    5) Under NetDCU6 everything works fine - the problems are only on NetDCU11.

    Don't know what I could do to solve this problem. Are there some further ideas?

    Best regards, Kaiser


    I don't think it's the same problem like described in the other forum because it also happens without debugger.
    But now I will try some code optimizations. If nothing helps, I will try to make a test package and send it to you.

    Best regards, Kaiserle

    I have only one problem. I don't get a connection for all the tools (remote file viewer, remote zoomin etc.)
    Also the upload from notebook to netdcu board after compiling/for debugging is not possible.
    I think all settings are ok (like on my old WinXP notebook).
    Telnet works fine but with this tools (with succesful execution of cemgrc on netdcu board) I get no connection. Don't know why.
    Just seeing "Connecting to device" frame but no connection is established. :-(
    Anyone a hint? With my old notebook with WinXP there is no problem.


    I have to switch my system from WinXP to Win7. On WinXP I had installed eVC3.0 for NetDCU3, eVC4.0 for NetDCU6 and VS2008 for NetDCU11.
    eVC3.0 and eVC4.0 are not longer supported on Win7. What is the best solution to continue support for that old platforms?
    Can I develop for WinCE4.2 and WinCE4.0 with VS2008? Can I install the SDKs from the old boards for VS2008?
    At the moment I see only following installed SDKs for intelligent devices:
    Pocket PC 2003
    Smartphone 2003
    Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC SDK
    Windows MObile 50. Smartphone
    NetDCU9 (for NetDCU11)
    The old SDKs are already installed but probably not compatible with VS2008?

    Or should I use a virtual machine with WinXP and the old IDEs eVC3.0 and eVC4.0?

    Best regards


    I have tested it now with "HKLM\drivers\builtin\usbfn\Priority256 drastically=10" (the old value was 100, but I haven't detected a difference - debugger is running without problems. I think after a time the problem occurs again.

    Today in the morning I was installing a software and used ftp+usb connections. No software was running and I had again a connection interrupt. Both connections has been closed and opened again after a few milliseconds automatically. But my ftp client was then not able to transfer any files. after a restart it worked again. So when no software was running I think it cannot be a problem of our software.



    - When you debug via Ethernet you are connnected via Ethernet only, means USB device cabe is detached?

    Yes, USB cable is detached when debugged over network.


    - What happens if you decrease HKLM\drivers\builtin\usbfn\Priority256 drastically?

    I have to test but I am out of office until monday. Can tell you afterward more.


    - Which hardware do you access and which Priortiy256 values set under HKLM\Drivers\Builtin\<driver>?

    I use for all hardware the default values, I mean I have nothing changed after installation of kernel.
    Serial1 and Serial2 have no value Priority256
    Usbfn has DWORD=100
    CAN1 has no value Priority256
    Network/Ethernet (propably Ethman?) has no value Priority256

    It's strange but this week I had no interrupts over USB cable until today. Have nothing changed. I only remember I haven't used network - but only serial connection and USB debugging.