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    I don't think it's the same problem like described in the other forum because it also happens without debugger.
    But now I will try some code optimizations. If nothing helps, I will try to make a test package and send it to you.

    Best regards, Kaiserle

    I have only one problem. I don't get a connection for all the tools (remote file viewer, remote zoomin etc.)
    Also the upload from notebook to netdcu board after compiling/for debugging is not possible.
    I think all settings are ok (like on my old WinXP notebook).
    Telnet works fine but with this tools (with succesful execution of cemgrc on netdcu board) I get no connection. Don't know why.
    Just seeing "Connecting to device" frame but no connection is established. :-(
    Anyone a hint? With my old notebook with WinXP there is no problem.


    I have to switch my system from WinXP to Win7. On WinXP I had installed eVC3.0 for NetDCU3, eVC4.0 for NetDCU6 and VS2008 for NetDCU11.
    eVC3.0 and eVC4.0 are not longer supported on Win7. What is the best solution to continue support for that old platforms?
    Can I develop for WinCE4.2 and WinCE4.0 with VS2008? Can I install the SDKs from the old boards for VS2008?
    At the moment I see only following installed SDKs for intelligent devices:
    Pocket PC 2003
    Smartphone 2003
    Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC SDK
    Windows MObile 50. Smartphone
    NetDCU9 (for NetDCU11)
    The old SDKs are already installed but probably not compatible with VS2008?

    Or should I use a virtual machine with WinXP and the old IDEs eVC3.0 and eVC4.0?

    Best regards


    I have tested it now with "HKLM\drivers\builtin\usbfn\Priority256 drastically=10" (the old value was 100, but I haven't detected a difference - debugger is running without problems. I think after a time the problem occurs again.

    Today in the morning I was installing a software and used ftp+usb connections. No software was running and I had again a connection interrupt. Both connections has been closed and opened again after a few milliseconds automatically. But my ftp client was then not able to transfer any files. after a restart it worked again. So when no software was running I think it cannot be a problem of our software.



    - When you debug via Ethernet you are connnected via Ethernet only, means USB device cabe is detached?

    Yes, USB cable is detached when debugged over network.


    - What happens if you decrease HKLM\drivers\builtin\usbfn\Priority256 drastically?

    I have to test but I am out of office until monday. Can tell you afterward more.


    - Which hardware do you access and which Priortiy256 values set under HKLM\Drivers\Builtin\<driver>?

    I use for all hardware the default values, I mean I have nothing changed after installation of kernel.
    Serial1 and Serial2 have no value Priority256
    Usbfn has DWORD=100
    CAN1 has no value Priority256
    Network/Ethernet (propably Ethman?) has no value Priority256

    It's strange but this week I had no interrupts over USB cable until today. Have nothing changed. I only remember I haven't used network - but only serial connection and USB debugging.

    I tried your suggestion. All worked fine until now.
    Now I received the same error message like in the first message of this thread:


    Die Remoteverbindung mit dem Gerät wurde unterbrochen...

    Completely the same behavior: Debugger is closed and display program hungs.
    COM-Port and network communication was active/opend but not used at the moment the interrupt occurred.

    I'm not wondering because the network connection was interrupted also with my first posts.

    I have also to mention, that network interrupts also occur in release mode (without use of USB).

    Now I have another strange behavior. While debugging with visualStudio 2008 the tool Microsoft ActiveSync played sound and shows me that I'm not connected with display any more. But the connection to debugger is still there and I can break and debug as usual. After a few minutes the connection to debugger also broke down.

    I have to say that it happened again with versions mentioned above.
    Now program was running in debug mode and nothing has been done. No user input. Serial port was opened but no communication took place.
    Then the USB connection to debugger was interrupted.

    I have now updated the libmodbus to version 3.0.2 and the kernel to 1.27 (bootloader 1.39) but there is the same problem.
    This time the connection was interrupted while program start (and maybe connect to serial port) in debug mode without compile optimization.

    yes I'm using on COM2 a serial Modbus RTU protocol to connect to an external machine.
    Settings are 9600,8,1,None.
    For that I'm using the free libmodbus library in version 3.0.1.
    For tests with connection I use a Modbus RTU Server v1.1. This can be downloaded on several freeware hosters like
    However, I'm not sure if that's the reason because I can't reproduce it.

    I have to tell you that the debug version with complete optimization has the same problems.
    I had one interrupt after creating a connection by serial interface. But I can't reproduce that.Maybe that was only good/bad luck?
    I can't remember the earlier interrupts had something to do with my serial connections. But could this be possible/a reason?

    I have optimized the release version with "maximize speed" (/O2) which has caused network interrupts.
    The debug version was without optimization and had also caused usb and network interrupts.
    Now I'm testing debug version with "complete optimization" (/Ox). Will write later if it's better.

    I don't know how to help/support you. A sample would be my whole project - a bigger one. I try it now with a smaller tool and hope to get the same error but I don't use there a network connection - only debugging via USB. The sourcecode of the main program is the same as on NetDCU6 and I had there no problems.

    Interrupt happens irregular and occasionally - I can't reproduce it. Today I needed about 60min to get a lost connection. It is generally very short - after one second connection is there again (browse with ActiveSync works again), but Debugger was closed and program hangs (when debugging). In release version the program does not hang, but network connection is lost.
    Also the network connection works again quickly after interrupt. Unfortunately I have to close the socket of my program and open it again manually to continue communication. An automatic recognition of interrupted network connection is not possible.

    It seems that both (USB and network) are interrupted together.

    I'm using the the method CreateThread(), which generates threads with THREAD_PRIORITY_NORMAL priority by default. No change is done.
    I have approximated 2-4 threads with this priority and think this should not cause this problems?
    This threads are responsible for communication with CAN, COM and network.


    I'm using the kernel 1.26 and have often lost/interrupted connections with usb and tcp/ip.
    When I'm debugging via active snyc and USB it works for a while an then I often receive following message:


    Die Remoteverbindung mit dem Gerät wurde unterbrochen. Ãœberprüfen Sie die Verbindung mit dem Gerät, und starten Sie das Debugging erneut.

    I get this message always, when I debug several minutes. My target device hangs then and I have to switch it off/on. Connection by USB cable is fine. Problem occurs on all NetDCU11 boards. It's very frustrating always when you are very close to detect an error, and the debugger is closed with mentioned message!

    I also have problems with network connections. They are often interrupted and my program does not recognize it. After close connection and open it again manually, connection works again for a while. I also found out that sometimes (after a new start) the network connection icon is very quick and shows a connected state immediately and sometimes it takes up to one minute to detect a connected state.
    With NetDCU6 boards there were no such problems.

    Best regards, Kaiser