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    I am working in a Qt 5.6 multithreading application with armstone a9r2, build over buildroot V3.0.The application has up-to 5 threads.

    Since some days ago the application we are developing has a problem that seems related to graphics part (it appears randomly only if QLabel::SetPixmap or QPixmap.scaled are called at 2 times/second).

    Sometimes main thread gets blocked and don’t react to signal-slot events, but other threads continue working as expected.

    Ocasionally screen gets black or screen gets painted totally incorrect with a large triangle and random straight lines, only during a fraction of a second.

    After 3 minutes the main thread gets unblocked and continues to work properly.

    Maximum use of cpu time is 3%, so I think it cannot be a saturation of timer calls, too much painting objects, etc.

    In console I get several time this message:

    [ 1] Fence Wait TimeOut!

    [ 2] Reset Fence!

    [ 3] Fence Wait TimeOut!

    [ 4] Reset Fence!

    I am using EGLFS for graphics.

    When I run the application the command line are “Application -plugin tslib”

    and system variables:






    I tried using “Application -platform minimum” without graphics, to see what happens. And the application does not get blocked at all after several hours.

    Could you help us to find a solution, please?