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    Hello everyone,

    I have different troubles related with this issue, could you give me any solution?

    First of all I must change the register using only the DCUTermi program because with the Registry Editor tool in Embedded Visual C++ 4.0 I cannot save the changes I made on it; any idea how to solve this?

    With the NDCUCFG utility I execute the following commands in order to run mi application on startup:

    reg open \init
    reg del value Launch50
    reg del value Depend50
    reg set value Launch200 string myapplication.exe
    reg set value Depend200 hex 14,00,1e,00
    reg save

    I have also located myapplication.exe on the \\FFDISK directory
    Then I reboot my NetDCU8 board and the result is the same as it has been stated in this post: the application runs but it appears a pop window with the text "200 was not found". I have also tried with the value 80 (instead of 200) and the result is similar ("80 was not found"), this popup is blocked and cannot be closed.
    As I have read in a previous message, I changed from mi application to "control.exe" (with the commands "reg set value Launch200 string control.exe" or "reg set value Launch80 string control.exe"), in this case it works fine and the control panel runs on startup.

    My application is a very simple VC++ program which only shows an image on screen, I am a little confused with the different messages I have found on this pots. Could you, please, explain me step by step the procedure to follow for running my application on startup?

    Thank you very much.


    I am using the K404-D1B of DigiTech Systems as Touch Panel.
    When I boot the device the calibration screen does not appear; I have also tried to boot the device with the backlight inverter turned off (due to the noise it introduces) and the result is the same: the calibration screen does not appear.

    The labels of the wires in the touch panel are Y2 X1 Y1 X2 do they correspond with Y+ X- Y- X+ in the starter kit. I have made several tests (changing the wires' order) and I cannot see the calibration screen.

    Could anybody help me?

    I have several problems with the device.

    First of all I have established two physichal connections between the NetDCU8 and mi computer: one of this is the USB way (from the USB-Device port of the NetDCU to a USB-Host port on my PC) the other one is via Ethernet cable (I use the black one provided with the starter kit).
    I haven't connected the touchpanel to the device yet due to the lack of cable and connectors which are more adequate for establishing a connection with the NetDCU8, so that, apparently, I cannot run the different applications which work on Windows CE 5.0.

    Ethernet connection

    When power up the device and the ethernet connection is established the ETH LED on the NetDCU turns on once the bootloader has finished.
    As soon as the connection is established, the NetDCU device gives the following IP settings to the Net connection on my PC (I see it running the ipconfig command):
    IP Address
    Subnet mask:
    (and the rest of the parameters are void)
    Now I look for the NetDCU8 Ip settings which are:
    00 "EnableDHCP"=dword:0 \
    01 "UseZeroBroadcast"=dword:0 \
    02 "Subnetmask"=string: \
    03 "DefaultGateway"=string: \
    04 "IpAddress"=string: \
    Using the ndcucfg.exe (via serial port number 2) I changed the tcp/ip settings to the following ones

    00 "EnableDHCP"=dword:1 \
    01 "UseZeroBroadcast"=dword:0 \
    02 "Subnetmask"=string: \
    03 "DefaultGateway"=string: \
    04 "IpAddress"=string: \
    At this point I proceed with "Windows CE Platform Manager Configuration" tab in Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++ software selecting NetDCU8 as the device.

    On the transport tab I select "TCP/IP Transport for Windows CE" and in the server tab I select "Manual Server"

    Then I click on the "Configure" button on the right of the "TCP/IP Transport for Windows CE" tab; I choose the parameters which can be seen on it. Now I click the "OK" button and then the "test" button; as result the "Manual Server - Action" screen appears I click "OK" again and finally the "Testing Device Connection" screen appears . On this screen it gets stuck showing the message "Establishing platform manager connection to device". From here I don't know what to do.

    I tried also to establish the Telnet connection but when it tries to connect to the ip the following message appears "It cannot be established a connection with the host, on port 23: connection failure"

    USB connection

    The USB cable is joined properly and when the NetDCU8 device is powered on it is recognised on the PC thanks to the ActiveSync connection.
    Now I see the device as "Mobile device" on my PC, I can expore the device but not to execute any file, actually I try to execute the “cemgrc.exe†and instead of executing the program, it appears the properties tab; then I copy the “cemgrc.exe†file to my computer and try to execute it on it, now the result is an error message: “cemgrc.exe is not a Win32 valid applicationâ€Â.

    The next step is trying to establish the connection again with "Windows CE Platform Manager Configuration" tab in Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++ software. The same time the NetDCU8 device is selected in the main window and I click on the Properties tab; the device properties window is now shown. The both tabs in this window (the “Transport†and the “Startup Serverâ€Â) are selected as “Microsoft ActiveSync†and no configuration is required. Again once I have done this settings I click on the “Test†button but it get stuck one more time in the step "Establishing platform manager connection to device".

    I am really lost and do not find any solution except trying to launch “cemgrc.exe†from the device itself but as I have not the touchpanel connected yet, I could not launch it.
    I suppose the problem lays on the fact that the telnet connection could not be established, although the activesync connection works correctly, then I cannot launch the “cemgrc.exe†device application outside the device.