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    It is true, the application was hanging in a while loop all the time, and this might block the Storage Manager. I waited for about 30 minutes, but the renaming of a file wasn't stored within this 30 minutes. But it worked when I prevent the application from hanging inthis while loop.


    I found out, that it has something to do with the application running on the NetDCUA5 while I am modifying the files in the FFSDISK directory using the MobileDeviceCenter over the USB. The application does not make changes in the FFSDISK directory, but the exe file of the application is stored in the FFSDISK directory.

    I am using NetDCUA5. Problenm is, that I can modify all files stored in the FFSDISK directory, I can change their names, delete them, add new files, but after power on, all modifications are gone. What can I do to keep my modifications in the FFSDISK directory?


    Okay, next question:

    How to start the "ceplayit.exe" from my own programm?
    I like to show short videos and like to start them from inside my own application, and I wish to get back control after the video is finished.



    I downloaded the "" and extracted the "ceplayit.exe".

    I copied the exe into the root directorie of the NetDCUA5 and tried to start it by doubleclicking, but nothing happened.

    I opened the "Command prompt"and entered the command "ceplayit imgp1486.avi" but nothing happened.

    How can I use the ceplayit.exe?

    We buy about 300 NetDCUA5 every year. We use the version with WinCE 6 on board. The license sticker is always on board and there is no problem so far.
    BUT: we have on customer who buys about 10 generators with the NetDCUA5 inside every year. This customer insists that he also receives a written license document. Is it possible to get a license document for WinCE together with the NetDCUA5?


    We are using NetDcuA5 with WinCE.
    We use SD cards to store data which should be available even after power down.

    This works fine so far.

    My question is: which SD cards can be used?
    We have the rule that we have to use SD cards which MUST NOT be SDHC cards, and the maximum allowed capacity is 2GB.
    Is this rule correct?
    Which SD cards can be used with WinCE?
    What is the maximum capacitiy we can use?


    Okay, when using "HKLM\Drivers\builtin\NetDCUA5" I can see CAN1 and CAN2.
    I will start to use CAN bus in my application as described in the document.

    Thank you

    I found a documet

    Software Documentation
    F&S CAN Driver
    Version 2.06
    2015 03 23

    but this seems to be for the PicoCOM only.
    Is there anything like that for the NetDCUA5?


    I want to start using the CAN-Bus interface of the NetDCUA5.
    The CAN driver is already existing on the NetDCUA5?

    Where do I get a manual about how to activate the driver and how to use it in my application?
    Does any example code exist?


    I read the PCN concerning the EOL of the used EON flash.

    "We will use Micron MT29F1G08ABADAWP:D in future. Bootloader and BSPs from F&S for WEC6,7,2013 and Linux are supporting this flash since 04/2014."

    Does this modification has any influence to form, fit, function of the NetDcuA5?

    I tested it and it works. Thank you.
    Where can I find and download the Device Driver documentation?

    This is a working display setting for an EDT ET0700G8DH6:

    reg open \drivers\display\LCD
    reg create key mode108
    reg set value name string "ET0700G8DH6"
    reg set value BLW dword 153
    reg set value HSW dword 63
    reg set value ELW dword 40
    reg set value BFW dword 33
    reg set value VSW dword 2
    reg set value EFW dword 10
    reg set value msignal dword 2
    reg set value rows dword 480
    reg set value LPP dword 480
    reg set value width dword 156
    reg set value height dword 96
    reg set value contrastenable dword 0
    reg set value contrastvalue dword 0
    reg set value type dword 6
    reg set value config dword 0x00700000
    reg set value columns dword 800
    reg set value PPL dword 800
    reg set value bpp dword 16
    reg set value lcdclk dword 33
    reg set value EnableCursor dword 0
    display mode set 108
    reg save

    We are using the NetDcuA5, connected to a 800x480 TFT display.
    Up to now we used an EDT display, supplied by GLYN: ET0700G0DH6.
    This TFT was changed to: ET0700G8DH6
    Using the same settings I now have shadows on my display. The supplier told me that I have to "invert the Pixel Clock".
    How can I invert the Pixel clock?
    Which of the registry settings of the display do I have to modify?


    Sorry, it was a silly question from myside to ask how to use WinNDCUCfg for this. Clear now.

    In the registry I can set the "DefaultDir". Okay so far, all users have access to this folder and ist sub-folders and no access to other folders. Great.
    But if I wish to create an user who is allowed to have access to all folders (something like an administrator), but only for one user, and all other users should only be able to access the "DefaultDir", is this possible?


    THANK YOU for your answer.

    How do you do other configuratons - can you add the commands there?

    We just run the WinNDCUCfg to make all neccessary registry settings and copy the files neccessary for the application into the FFSDISK folder. That's all.

    Why not?

    How can I use the WinNDCUCfg to set the usernames and passwords for the FTP?

    Not for the general system but for FTPD, refer -> userlist

    This works fine for users without a Password. It would be exactly what I am looking for if I could set a password for each user. Is this possible? How?
    I used the registry entry and I tried to create a user with a password by setting this registry entry to "user:password". But this does not work.