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    Hello All, I have a problem configuring WindowsCE registry for this display. I have 10 of them.
    I'm using this configuration shown below, but the image is sometimes flickering or pink or noisy.
    The displays have been already cross-checked by AUO itself and reports OK. They told me also to try to shield the signals in data cable, but I made 200 data cables that are ok for other displays and always everything was good.
    However, this is the configuration:

    reg open \drivers\display\Samsung
    reg create key mode100
    reg set value name string "AUO G065VN01-V1"
    reg set value msignal dword 2
    reg set value rows dword 480
    reg set value LPP dword 480
    reg set value width dword 132
    reg set value height dword 99
    reg set value contrastenable dword 0
    reg set value contrastvalue dword 0
    reg set value type dword 6
    reg set value config dword 0x00400000
    reg set value columns dword 640
    reg set value PPL dword 640
    reg set value bpp dword 16
    reg set value lcdclk dword 20
    reg set value HSW dword 32
    reg set value BLW dword 68
    reg set value ELW dword 60
    reg set value VSW dword 2
    reg set value BFW dword 33
    reg set value EFW dword 10
    reg set value EnableCursor dword 1
    display mode set 100
    reg save
    reboot hardware

    This is a 6,5" 640x480 TFT LCD monitor
    Is there something wrong for you? Can I try other values?
    Thank you,
    best regards.

    Yes! It did achieved a good improvement, maybe I had the flash memory sectors a bit scrambled up..
    I did only the scan & defrag on "part02", after unmounting partition 2. I can't defrag partition 0 and 1 (maybe because those are for OS and bootloader?)
    Thanks for the hint!

    Hello all,
    I've noticed a strange fact when loading WinCE and then my C# self-starting programs: the loading time is different even tough the devices use:
    -same kernel
    -same bootloader and firmware
    -similar production time of netDCU8 board (ver1.10)
    and of course, same programs loading!
    I can't understand WHAT can cause this difference, that sometimes can consist of 4-5 seconds of delay.
    I have under test 10 devices running simultaneasly
    Has someone experiencied already this thing?
    Thank you all,

    Hello, I'm used to connect directly to my pc via activeSync over USB device cable. this works fine with NetDCU8.
    Recently I bought a NetDCU6 board, and I would like to know How can I implement this same way to connect the PC via USB device to this board.
    Is there something to do in the registry or I need a newer image?
    thank you

    Hello to everybody, I would like to ask if is it possible to use NetDCU 8 and windows ce 5.0 (CF 1.x or 2) to get video streams -or at lest a set of subsequent images. I intend to use commercial USB webcams or cameras with usb frame grabber.
    Thank to everyone who could help me out.

    I tried this for a c# application I developed, but if I remember well, at the moment of saving the date, there was a problem with GMT.
    However you can start from here and get things better.
    Make me know.
    I use the struct SYSTEMTIME and then the API function:
    "public extern static uint SetLocalTime(ref SYSTEMTIME lpSystemTime);"

    Giulio DelBono

    new changes in KERNEL: V1.04
    - KERNEL: Fix to get CPU speed of 300 MHz, Before this, CPU runs at
    100 MHz.

    Usually NetDCU8 are equipped with S3C2440 - 300, so ok.
    But do you make also NetDCU8 boards equipped with the CPU running at 400MHz? So to get it one working at full speed?

    I got some programs working, for example PocketStreets, Mort's media player (Mp3 but no device audio driver (?)), regedit, and so on....but all with a "TEMP" button on the low-left cornet wich, if clicked, closes the application. Maybe for that fact NetDCU8 is not a 'real' Pocket-pc device?
    mastermind for pocketpc works fine :)

    ok, I will look for the needed DLLs with Depends.
    it's not so easy to find them on the internet, for windows ce 5.0 and ARM processor. I hope I haven't to build them with Platform Builder!!??
    however, thanks for the idea.
    I will update this post when I'm getting something working.

    They install through ActiveSync correctly to, for example, /FFDISK flash partition, but when launched, all the applications say: "Cannot find 'xxxxxx' or one of its components. Make sure the path and filename are correct and that all required libraries are installed."
    Is it a missing windowsCE general library (MFC support for eg.) or something else?
    The only working is the TCMP player suggested before. Now I've tried Cnetx PocketSlideShow or Resco PictrureViewer because I need a PowerPoint viewer or general picture viewer, but same no luck.
    What about car navi programs?
    Thank You

    Hello to everyone.
    I have a problem in deploying a keyboard-like driver using DIOs.
    I would like use Port 0 to write coloumns and Port2 to read rows.
    This because in document "Device-Driver" it's written that Port0 can R/W while Port 2 can only Read.

    Now the writings of Rows is ok, ...but how about reading?
    before calling the ReadFile function I would like to do a "SetFilePointer" of 2, since my handle points to Port0.
    But the Function SetFilePointer returns -1 with an error code wich is
    0x80000005 or 0x57.

    Notice the the handle is created with the rights and pemissions to the DIO1: as shown in document "device-driver".
    I use c# with compactframework and a bit of Dllimports...

    Registry settings:
    DataInit 0
    DataDir 0xff
    UseAsIO 0xff00ff

    PS: I already used the driver "matrix-keyboard" before and worked ok, but this time I don't need to retreive the scan codes and mostly I don't want the keyboard to interact with badly I have to wirte my own...

    thanks a lot for nay ideas!!