mkfs.ext4 not available fsimx6-V2.1

      mkfs.ext4 not available fsimx6-V2.1

      I want to format the emmc on my efus board with ext4 file system but there is no mkfs.ext4 command for that (only ext2 and vfat).
      As I can see the kernel supports ext4. I also tried the mke2fs command with parameter "-t ext4" but the command doesn't know this parameter.

      Do I need to adapt my busybox configuration? I didn't find any parameters so far....

      The mkfs tools in the regular release are coming from Busybox. And, as always, the Busybox version is a little bit restricted compared to the regular Version. I see several possible ways of achieving what you want.

      1. (not sure if this actually works) Call make busybox-menuconfig and activate tune2fs (Linux Ext2 FS Progs). Then call make busybox-reconfigure all to rebuild your rootfs. Download rootfs to the board.
        Then create the filesystem as ext2 and activate the journalling with tune2fs -j. The result is actually an ext3 filesystem, so you have to mount it with type ext3.

      2. In Busybox, call make menuconfig and install the regular e2fsprogs (Target Packages -> Filesystem and flash utilities). Then you should have all necessary tools, including mkfs.ext4. Call make to rebuild your rootfs.

      3. How about a totally different approach? Create the filesystem image on the PC using the tools available there and then only transfer the final image to the board and store it to eMMC by using dd. This has the advantage that you can prepare everything beforehand and don't need to call any complicated scripts on the board.

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