DigitalIO driver

  • Hello to everyone.
    I have a problem in deploying a keyboard-like driver using DIOs.
    I would like use Port 0 to write coloumns and Port2 to read rows.
    This because in document "Device-Driver" it's written that Port0 can R/W while Port 2 can only Read.

    Now the writings of Rows is ok, ...but how about reading?
    before calling the ReadFile function I would like to do a "SetFilePointer" of 2, since my handle points to Port0.
    But the Function SetFilePointer returns -1 with an error code wich is
    0x80000005 or 0x57.

    Notice the the handle is created with the rights and pemissions to the DIO1: as shown in document "device-driver".
    I use c# with compactframework and a bit of Dllimports...

    Registry settings:
    DataInit 0
    DataDir 0xff
    UseAsIO 0xff00ff

    PS: I already used the driver "matrix-keyboard" before and worked ok, but this time I don't need to retreive the scan codes and mostly I don't want the keyboard to interact with badly I have to wirte my own...

    thanks a lot for nay ideas!!

  • Hello,
    This is an error in the DigitalIO driver. We have solved this problem in the newest image for NetDCU8. The version must be V0.08 or higher.
    In previous version, you must ignore the return value of SetFilePointer(). It always returns -1. For eVC projects it's no problem to ignore the return value. For MFC or .NET you must upgrade to the new image. Please download the image from…kernel/


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