CAN-bus problem

  • Hello,

    one of our customers is reporting a problem with the CAN-bus on a PicoMOD 4.

    First of all, I suppose there is no difference between PicoMOD 4 and 6 regarding the CAN bus, right?

    Now we are checking different things in order to find the error source(s).

    We used the example code CanWread.cs and CanWrite.cs, but it seems that messages somehow get lost between the PicoMOD and the other device.
    The CanRead.cs Application only reports three "Device changed" Messages at startup, but no message received from the other device.

    Assuming that the hardware connection is fine, what else could we check?

  • If you are using these modules on the Starterkit board, you *must* insert a compact flash card as this activates the driver chip for the Can Tx line. This is a design flaw of the Starterkit, not of the PicoMOD modules themselves. See this Design Alert.

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  • Hello,

    The starter kit with PicoMOD6 consists of 3 modules. In our unit we have layouted the big board itself. The CAN bus works only with inserted CompactFlash card. Is the right way?

    gruß Maik