PicoCOM3 bootloader and kernel releases

  • PicoCOM3 forms the high-end module in the PicoCOM family for now. It comes with interfaces compatible to PicoCOM2 and PicoCOM4 - CAN, SPI, Ethernet, I2C, ... but also is applicable for multimedia purposes. It features a Multi Function Codec (MFC) that can be used to decode Mpeg video streams in hardware and therefore offers the possiblity to display high quality videos.
    Core of the module is a ARM11 running at 533 MHz. This core also features a vector floating point unit that might be useful in analyses calculations.

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    First development samples of PicoCOM3 have been shipped this week. Therefore first bootloader and kernel releases as well as the software development kit (SDK) are available in the appropriate download area (password protected). You will find the required credentials in your starterkit package.

    The Starterkit now includes a 7" WVGA display with 4 wire touch interface which is ready to run with the default kernel images.

    We are currently finishing documentations for PicoCOM3 (Device Driver Documentation, First Steps) and will upload these documents soon on our website. As software of PicoCOM3 mostly is compatible to PicoCOM2/4 most descriptions available still valid for PicoCOM3.

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