How to redirect console output to serial command line

  • To configure the command processor shell on windows CE to run over a serial connection add the following to your registry:

    1. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\Console]
    2. OutputTo = REG_DWORD:1 ;COM1
    3. COMSpeed = REG_DWORD:38400 ;38400 Baud

    Here is the corresonding ndcucfg script

    1. reg open \Drivers\Console
    2. reg set val OutputTo dword 1
    3. reg set val COMSpeed dword 38400
    4. reg save

    When starting a command window the next time (cmd.exe) in- and output will be prompted on the specified serial line.

    BTW: You might use the ndcucfg command "start cmd" to run the command shell if now display is available.

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