Multi-Platform V2.0: Touchpanel buttons not recognized

  • When pressing buttons on an X application with the touchpanel, the buttons are not correctly recognized. You have to press twice on a button. For example if you start xcalc from the standard root filesystem, you can enter the same digit several times, but if you press another digit, you have to press it twice before it is accepted.

    We are already working on a solution.

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  • The following patch solves this problem. The basic patch is just one line, but as we were at it, we also enhanced the description of the generic touch parameters in Kconfig.

    This patch is also attached to this post for download. To apply it simply go into the top directory of your Linux source tree and say

    1. patch -p1 < Fix-bug-where-buttons-are-only-recognized-after-second-touch.patch

    Your F&S Support Team