Serial Port COM1

  • Sorry for the late answer but last week we were all very occupied with the Embedded World Exhibition.

    Yes, there is in fact a problem with the UART configuration. Here is a patch that will solve this.

    Go to the top level of the linux kernel source and apply the patch as follows

    1. patch -p1 < Fix-UART-configuration.patch

    Then recompile the kernel.

    Your F&S Support Team

    PS: I have moved this topic to the generic "Linux and Applications" section as it also applies to the other boards of Multi-Platform Linux.


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  • Hi!

    I'm having problems with the serial interfaces in PicoMOD7A. At the beginning, they didn't work but I applied the patch of this thread and the problem got solved.
    But right now the problem is different. I successfully opened the serial port and the communication RT and TX is working fine. But when I close the serial port and open it again there is no reception anymore.

    Can you help me with that? Any advice about how to focus the problem?