CAN 2.0B frames on ARMstoneA9/WEC7 received as 2.0A frames in reception.

  • Hello,
    Our F&S provider has send us one CAN driver for testing it in ArmstoneA9 and WEC7 while you are preparing new kernel release that include it.
    We have detected that we set flag for transmiting CAN frame of 29bits (2.0B), but in reception these frames are received with 11bits header (2.0A).
    We have used another CPU board (netDCU10,14) we have, with same source code for TX, and CAN monitor in reception and even your CANtestSuiteF&S program and always with same result, in reception the frames appears as 11bits type CAN frames.
    For information we are using WEC7 last release (14042014) from ftp, VS2005 project with .NET CF2.0 and C# and F&S CAN wrapper dll library, but using your CANtestSuiteF&S program we have same result.
    Can you test driver for ARMstoneA9 with CAN 2.0B frames and confirm it's able to send this kind of frames?

  • Hello,

    your are right. We can reproduce the described behavior. The error will be fixed in the next kernel release.

    F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH
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