How to disable one of the 2 Ethernet controller

  • On the NetDCUA5 there are 2 Ethernet controllers.
    When I call Dns.GetHostEntry() method it returns 2 IPAdresses. I guess (but may be wrong) that one is for the 1st controller, for example ETHNETA1, and the other one is for the second one ETHNETB1.

    In my application, I use only 1 controller.
    My problem is that order of the IPAdressList returned by the call to Dns.GetHostEntry() is random. So, sometimes I get ETHNETA1 first, sometomes I get ETHNETB1 first.

    To fix it, please tell me if I can disable the extra controller, and how?
    I've already tried to set a dword flags = 4 in the registry under \Comm\ETHNETB1\ and also under \Comm\ETHNETB1\Parms (then reboot) with no success.

  • Hello,

    you can remove 'Route' value under 'HKLM\comm\ethnetb\linkage'.

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