PicoCOM4 GPIO pushbuttons and rotary encoder configuration

  • Dear support team,

    For our project it's necessary to connect two pushbuttons and a rotary encoder to the picocom4 module.
    We don't use SPI, CAN and Audio.
    For the pushbuttons we use pins 11 and 69 (CTS1 and RTS1) because these lines are not necessary for debugging/service purposes.
    But these pins are locked by device COM1!?
    How can we use these pins as keys and keep the functionality of RXD1 and TXD1 as debug/service RS232 port?
    What are the necessary steps regarding kernel config?
    Is there any GPIO pin key(board) driver available?

    The rotary encoder outputs are connected to pin 12 (EINT0) and pin 29 (PCS0).
    Disabling the SPI support is necessary, ok.
    What are the necessary steps to make the rotary-encoder driver work at these PINS?

    What are the necessary steps to route the "keyboard" and/or encoder events to our application?

    Many thanks in advance for your useful hints!