U-Boot update from SD-Card

  • I tried to update my efusA9 to the new release (V2.1) over a SD-Card. Therefore I renamed install.scr to update.scr.
    If I insert the card into the micro-sd slot, U-Boot doesn't start the update. If I insert it into to std sd slot the update starts and everything is fine.
    Our current design only uses the micro-sd connector (SD_A_xx signals) do we need to modify U-boot (in source) or is it easier to change our design? Are there any other restrictions if we only use the micro-sd signals?

  • Just change the variable updatecheck and add mmc1 instead of mmc0 (or mmc). Then any updates for your customers in the field will check on the micro SD card slot

    There is a problem if you need this feature to install your own software during production. Because we have not included this device in the default value of updatecheck and then the update will not start automatically.

    Idea: Maybe you can use a USB stick for installation instead of an SD card. This works completely similar.

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