Yocto support for efusA9X

  • Hello,
    For now there is only Buildroot available to generate linux images.
    I am curious about yocto support for efusA9X board. It is already available? Is it planned to be available in future?


  • We will have many new releases in the near future. Starting with fsimx6, then fsimx6ul, fsimx6sx and fsvybrid. Somewhere in there we will also have Yocto for all i.MX6 platforms. But first we need the Buildroot releases, because there we will unify the kernel. All i.MX6 boards will move to kernel 4.1.15. We are nearly done.

    Yocto will be based on 2.0 (Jethro). But I think it will not be available before August.

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