XGPIO18 sys class number

  • Hi,

    I need to know the sys class number (if available) associated to GPIO pin 26.

    The pin 26 of the 66 connector is labeled as "XGPIO18" in the "Hardware Documentation",

    but in the "ArmStoneA9 GPIO Reference Card" there is not indication about this pin.


  • Are we talking about Linux or WinEC? Because what you are saying sounds like Linux, but you have posted in the Windows section of the forum.

    If it is Linux, then I can move it to the right place. And yes, then you are right. We had fixed this already in the GPIO Reference Card but we had not uploaded the new version to our server yet. However it was included in the fsimx6-V3.0 release in the doc subdirectory. I have uploaded this to our server now, so please download the newest GPIO reference card V1.1. There the pin is listed.

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