• Please read the "FSiMX6_First_Steps_eng.pdf" documentation. You can find it on our website. Go to "Products" -> "armStone", choose "armStoneA9", go to tab "Documents" and select the file in category "Linux". Here is a short link to it: click. There are also other interesting documents. You should also download our software release package, currently fsimx6-V3.0.tar.bz2. It also contains all documents, the source packages and also the default binary images that are installed when you buy a Starter-Kit of a board.

    Our system boots from NAND flash, not from SD-Card. At least in the standard configuration. It is possible to select other boot media with our boot strategies. But we do not recommend using an SD card because SD cards get problems after some time. The SD slot is designed that the card is ejected from time to time. This will clean the contacts of the card and the slot. If a card is inserted for a long time (several years), the contacts will never be cleaned and will corrode. Then the card will have contact problems and the system will not work correctly anymore, or even not at all. Therefore SD cards are usually not a good idea for an industrial solution for putting the OS on.

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