Example usage of BusyBox ftpd server

  • How to use ftpd server from BusBox?

    In this post I will show you an example how you can activate and use the ftpd server from BusyBox. The usage of ftpd shows that we can use the tool tcpsvd. This tool is by default deactivated in BusyBox.

    1. Activate tcpsvd package
      1. Make busybox-menuconfig
      2. Enable Networking Utilities / tcpsvd (14 kb)
      3. Save config and recompile Root-Filesystem
        • make
    2. Activate the networkadapter
    • udhcpc

    The user which connects via ftp to the board, must have a password.Now you can start the ftpd server with a specific folder to share, e.g. /mnt

    • tcpsvd -vE 21 ftpd /mnt

    After that you can use your favorite tool and connect to the board with your IP-Address, Port (21) and the login data.

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