Updated Hardware Documentation

  • Under the following link, documentation for PicoCoreM6SX is ready for download:

    PicoCoreMX6SX Documentation

    You can find:

    • PicoCoreMX7ULP hardware documentation
    • PicoCoreMX7ULP base board hardware documentation
    • PicoCoreMX6SX base board design files
    • PicoCoreMX6SX base board schematic
    • Several documents regarding Linux
    • Use or FreeRTOS on Cortex-M4

    PicoCoreMX6SX is pin compatible to PicoCoreMX6UL and shares the same base board.

    Main Advantage of PicoCoreCoreMX6SX over PicCoreMX6UL:

    PicoCoreMX6SX PicoCoreMX6UL
    2x GBit LAN 2x 100MBit LAN
    Cortex-A9+Cortex-M4 Cortex-A7
    2D/3D GPU ---

    Please note:

    To download our Linux BSP for PicoCoreMX7ULP, you have to create an account under "My F&S" first.

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