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  • Hello,

    I would like to use the RS485 with serial port C (ttymxc3) on the demo board.

    However, I can not set the flag SER_RS485_ENABLED in the configuration!

    In Buildroot's menuconfig I activated the RS485 with BR2_PACKAGE_RS485CONF = y

    rs485conf.flags = SER_RS485_ENABLED;

    ioctl(fd, TIOCSRS485, &rs485conf); // write config

    ioctl(fd, TIOCGRS485, &rs485conf) ; // read config again

    printf ("\nflags: %x", rs485conf.flags); // output -> flags: 0

    What else is to be done?

    Best regards


  • You are right, there seems to be missing the settings for RTS/CTS. Please got to the node &uart4 in file arch/arm/boot/dts/picocoremx6sx.dts and add the following lines:

    2. uart-has-rtscts;
    3. #endif

    Then rebuild the device tree and download to the board.

    Thanks for pointing this out. In fact this was literally the last minute for that we could add this to the upcoming release. I was in fact about to upload the files and prepare the announcement here in the forum when I saw your message. Now it will take a little bit more, but the new release fsimx6sx-B2019.11 will still go online later today.

    Your F&S Support Team

    F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH
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