add ads1118 support to efusA9X via LINUX kernel driver

  • To use the ads1118 ADC IC via an SPI interface with the current efusA9X kernel (4.9.88) it is necessarry to add a driver to the kernel space.

    After some research I found a kernel driver implementation under [1]. I collected all information (code+docs) and implemented them into the current kernel with the attached patch under [2]. After adding the node to the device tree (convertig spidev to adc node (see [3])), I testing the driver successfully for a half day.

    @F+S: I request to implement this patch to your kernel sources.

    Best regards.




  • Yes, we can include this. The only small concern I have ist that there seems to be a trend of migrating ADC drivers from drivers/hwmon to drivers/iio/adc, so I'm not quite sure if the old location is the perfect way of adding a new driver. But I believe it is still OK for now.

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