Failed to connect SFTP subsystem

  • Dear Support-Team,

    I am using the DEV-Kit efusA9X which was delivered with WEC2013.

    I changed it successful to Linux using FSIMX6SX-Y2020.03.

    I am able to make a SSH-connection via eclipse. But I am not seeing the folders on the IPC because an error pops up.

    The error is "Failed to connect SFTP subsystem: Remote host may not have sftp-server installed".

    When I am trying to Debug or just trying to run the build the error "Pipe closed" occurs.

    I have looked up into every possible documentation (FSiMX6SX-FirstSteps, LinuxOnFSBoards, Eclipse_Application_development ...) but I am not able to run the application.

    Hope you can tell me what is going wrong.


  • Hi,

    The sftp-server isn´t installed in our default system. You have to install the sftp-server package in your rootfs and probably configure it on your system. Then the connection should work.

    Your F&S Support Team

    F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH
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