Connecting RGMII Interface

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    connecting an ethernet switch or PHY to PicoCore MX8MM over RGMII poseses some questions. I assume that connection will be equal like documented in PicoCore MX8MN hardware documentation. I guess that connection has to be 1:1 meaning TX and RX lines are not crossed. I guess too that ETH_SW_RST will be an output to reset the ethernet switch and ETH_SW_INTn will be an input to receive interrupt requests from the ethernet switch. Below my understanding of the RGMII interface of MX8MM.

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    Sorry for the mistakes in our documentation. We are going to correct them as soon as possible. Thank you for your kind feedback!

    The RX and TX lines should not be crossed. The RX pins should be connected to RXD pins and the TX pins should be connected to the TXD pins of the ethernet PHY/switch.

    ETH_SW_RST is an output pin to reset the ethernet switch/PHY.

    ETH_SW_INTn is an input pin to receive interrupt signals from the ethernet switch/PHY.

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