Windows 10 and PicoMOD7A connected as device

  • Hi,

    we used like 6 months ago successful the PicoMOD7A and the NetDCU-USB-Loader.

    Now with Windows 10 1809 (17763.1158) x64 it does not work anymore.

    We are not sure why this happen. The device manager shows only: Generic Serial (PROTOTYPE--Remember to change idVendor)

    The setup NetDCU-USB-LoaderSetup_x64_V2.5.0.0.exe got installed.

    Are there any known issues with Windows 10 and the PicoMOD as device?

  • Hello,

    since NetDCUUSBLoader V2.4.2.0 we us a "signed" USB driver so it works under W10 out of the box and without tricks!

    "Generic Serial (PROTOTYPE--Remember to change idVendor)" is shown after you entern "DU" into the termnal to trigger the download?

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  • It is shown when I connect the device to the Windows PC. When I start the USB loader application nothing is shown.

    Then I open a UART connection to the device and hit "s" on boot and the device showed up and connected correct.

    Thank you for your support!