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    you are connected to the debug line?

    We have also nboot which adjusts baud rate to 38k4 baud, Did you try this?

    Can you step into nboot/eboot? Maybe a third party program causes the output?

    Else i assume we have a HW problem.


    reinstalltion may not help if the problem is caused by the "CEDB problem". If you install the same kernel again the registry is not retset to default. Best would be to apply EBoot commands "R" and "E" and reinstall your application again. But i would recommend to check CEDB to be sure we have this problem here.

    If we have not the "CEDB problem", have you some more details?

    E.g. is it related to your application or even to WCE?


    Does it occur on your own beaseboard and on SKIT too?

    Kernelversion/date? Board?

    Can you access via Ethernet in this case and run CEShell (shell -c -> gi thrd -> threadtime)?


    assume the corresponding Registry setting should be located under the "Protocol Manager" Registry. Unfortunately I did not found any further details about "Protocol Manager" (AFD), I google nearly half an hour:(), see IPv6 Configurable Registry Settings.

    Furtermore a "reg save" after disable tcpipv6 via ndisconfig does also not help. So I wonder if we can permanent disable tcpipv6 at all with the current configuration! For example if you disable the complete adapter via ndisconfig and save Registry and reboot the adpter should stay disabled.

    Is it possible to disabel tcpipv6 using a small program which calles IOCTL_NDIS_UNBIND_ADAPTER after each system start as a workaround?


    did you checked the changelog for the vybrid kernel? Seems the problem was solved since kernel 2.2.

    If you use newer kernel can you compare registry (downloaded via Remote Registry Registor) between this kernel "we have some devices, where the return value is as expected "2"" and a not working one kernel? Maybe we got some hints.



    PSD format is not public. But you can create a new PSD derived from your old one by yourself.

    Do steps as otlined above:"For one sample you can do the changes manually, just use bootloader command "P"... after flash complete data . Then flash data again without PSD."

    Now new PSD data in flash is the same as in the old one except partitioning and every thing should work.

    Now try to create new PSD file by ndcucfg form OS using ndcucfg command "psd read nynewpsd.bin". Finally you can copy this PSD file to your host PC and flash it via NBI file as usual.

    Hope this helps.


    think the problem is the partitioning information inside "PSD=03_BootloaderConfig_Pc4_121126.bin", we have to change it. What is the original name of this file, or did you create it by yourself?

    For one sample you can do the changes manually, just use bootloader command "P"... after flash complete data . Then flash data again without PSD.

    I am on vacation we can create new PSD next week.


    i wonder that all three boards show the same issue.

    Did you do any additional adjsustments in the WEC Registry? Than maybe it is sufficuíent to erase Registry from EBootloder (Command "R" ...).