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    Hi Hans Kessel,

    step into the bootloader enter "XDS", enter your desired video memory size, reboot - thats all.


    Hello t4science,

    you have to launch "cerdisp" with a command line. This is not possible under HKLM/init! Launch "cerdisp -c" will broadcast the ip-address. Use startup feature (refer DeviceDriverDoc) with cmd or lnk file for do this *or* write an onw program which launches "cerdisp -c".

    As far as i remenber you can also adjust ip-adresse via registry. I will check it and come back.


    because we have the fault on two complete different CPUs (Samsung, NXP) we should check first if Ethernet itself is the problem or just a subsequent fault.

    Is there any serial debug output in case of fault?

    You have no display also not in a test environment - right? Maybe you can deploy a program similar like this out of control?

    Please keep me informed.


    a better solution to get the "first" WCE MAC adddress (= serial number) is use of ndcucfg libraray. The library will by found in the tools-section of the download area. Advantage is, you do not need any information about adapters name or adapter registry path (=platform independent):

    1. #include "ndcucfg_lib.h"
    2. //link against ndcucfg_lib.lib
    3. ...
    4. PSD_TCPIP Data;
    5. memset( &Data, 0, sizeof(Data) );
    6. Data.dwSize = sizeof(PSD_TCPIP);
    7. NETWORK_TYPE type;
    8. DWORD flags;
    9. NDCUCFG_CmdBOOTGetConfigFlags(&flags, &Data, &type);
    10. ....


    one customer asks me how to perform "3. Set taskbar attribute "Auto Hide" and disable attibute "Always on Top" (by right click on none icon area on taskbar ... )" via WCE Registry:



    "Default "=dword:1


    "Default "=dword:0


    FS Device Spy listen to the UDP Broadcasts from the device. You can configure the device side by modify WCE Registry:


    "Dll" = "fs_bcsend.Dll"

    "Prefix" = "BCS"

    "Order" = dword:64

    "Flags"=dword:10 ; DEVFLAGS_LOAD_AS_USERPROC(0x10) ;0x4 -> DEVFLAGS_NOLOAD

    "FriendlyName" = "F&S Broadcast utility"


    "BroadcastDelay"=dword:6 ; in seconds


    Welcome to the Windows CE Telnet Service on FSIMX6UL

    Pocket CMD v 8.00

    \> ndcucfg

    NetDCU Config Utility Ready

    Version: 69

    Build from: Nov 5 2018

    Type help for commands



    reg open

    reg open <key> = HKLM

    reg opencu <key> = HKCU

    reg opencr <key> = HKCR

    reg path


    Another possibility is to use functions from winreg.h.


    if you have more than one SIP installed it is possibel to change the default SIP by modifiy the Registry. SipShowIM() shows/hides always the default SIP.

    The installed SIPs are listed here: HKCU\ControlPanel\SIP\installed\ (refer the CLSID under HKCR\CLSID for details).

    The default SIP is set here: HKCU\ControlPanel\SIP\DefaultIM=<CLSID_of_desired_SIP>.

    Also you can use the OS function: BOOL SipSetCurrentIM(CLSID* pClsid).


    >> Also i couldn't find the registry entry to set up the initial baudrate. Where can I find it?

    << Please refer the CAN documentation (note the registry path maybe HKLM/Driver/builtin/<boardname>/...): CAN Doc .All docs will find at our homepage->producs-> ... .

    >> How can i figure out the versions of the kernel and bootloaders?

    << You will find it in the serial debug output while booting (refer First Steps Doc Chapter 3).


    when did the trouble starts?

    Immediately after power on or at the time when CAN driver is loaded by the kernel (refer debug output, CAN prefix is "CID")?

    Which kernel and/or CAN version do you use?

    Which Bootloaders?

    Maybe ist is enough to specify initial baudrate via WCE Registry to your actual baudrate on your bus? Overall, which initial setting do you do in the good case ("bus is open and initialized programatically")?

    >> Now the question arises, what exactly happens on the CAN Interface after restart.

    Is there a way to let the CAN bus be disabled after restart, so it doesn't interfere with the existing bus and after connecting the board to the CAN bus the bus keeps working?

    << Hope the problem is resolved with the above suggestion, else we have to modify the driver or another componet which causes this issue. First we should locate origin.


    best way is we provide you kernel with CF3.5 asp. Think about the Flash you waste storing two versions.

    Anyway: as far as i know all WCE Registry for .Net is done under HKLM\Software\Microsoft\.NETCompactframework - everything update here?


    ok - use Network may also be a good solution.

    >> shared memory, named pipes (not supported on .NET 3.5 )

    << Assume it is possibel to use DLL import to implement this features into a c# project.