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    >> We worked with version 180316 and I see that this version is skipped in the kernel history?

    << You are right. But I found no information about the changes also not im my emails from around 180316.

    So we unfortuneatly lost this information.

    Yes this helps. My fault. Looks like instalion of dvfc is not sufficient, you need also an updated ceddk.

    I will provide you a new custom kernel with dvfc and ceddk and will come back.

    As I told DLL must be copied to ffsdisk.

    HW Revison on efusA9 must be 1.2 or higher.

    I test it on a efusA9 HW Rev1.2 single core and on a efusA9R2 Rev1.0 quad core.

    In the serial boot log you should see something like this if the driver is loaded:


    PWM: Version 1.4, ActiveKey = Drivers\Active\51

    EXTRTC: Version 1.2, ActiveKey = Drivers\Active\52

    DVFC: Version 1.0, ActiveKey = Drivers\Active\53

    PPU: Version 1.1, ActiveKey = Drivers\Active\54

    BCS: Version 1.4, ActiveKey = Drivers\Active\55


    You can also use ndcucfg -> device enum for check if driver is loaded.

    Please come back here with the answers then I will do further checks.

    Ok, you see ndcucfg is redireced to COM4:

    NDCUCFG V 69 started. Platform: efusA9

    NDCUCFG Open COM4 at 115200 Baud

    CreateFile() failed -> ERROR COM4

    Assume COM4 is in use, not installed or does not exist! So redirect "ndcucfg" to COM1 (debug port) and switch off debug output again:

    HKLM/System/ndcucfg/port="COM1:". You may use local console if Ethernet and RS232 instance of ndcucfg is not available.

    Or erase Registry by bootloder command "R" ..., your kernel V2.4 180316 should use default setting this is COM1:!

    So i assume you set "COM4:" elsewhere in your setup procedure?

    Hello, please test:

    1. run ndcucfg on any console (e.g. telnet) and enter "core clock" assume the result is about 792MHz.

    2. Copy the DLL from the attachment to ffsdisk

    3. Do registering according the txt file from attachment (e.g. by console command "ndcucfg -B\<path_and_name_of_txt>)

    4. Reboot and check "core clock" again, the result should be 400MHz and heat should be drastically reduced

    Can you confirm?



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    no sorry. I stuck a bit while implementation, it's no as easy as I thought.

    I try to provide you a version with 400MHz fixed clock today - do you think it is useful? Nevertheless I will proceed and spend additional time while you test.


    this information is sufficient. I will add the dvfc feature to a kernel based on "XIPiMX6_C8E_V240_Perdum_180316". This is your custom kernel. I will let you know when you can download it.


    by default ActiveSync should be enabled on device side:



    Does it work on W7 or XP? So the problem is not located on device side.

    W10 support for MobileDeviceCenter is tricky. Please check under "Services" if it is active. Or try to google.