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    not it is not possible to use Visual Studio 2023 under WCE/WEC. I answered already your distrubutor, see following quotation: "it is not possible to use every Visual Studio (VS) Version with every WCE/WEC Version. In general following is possible:

    - WCE6 with CF3.0 is supported by VS2005 only.

    - WCE6/WEC7 with CF3.5 is supported by VS2008 only (at least pro version).

    - WEC2013 with CF3.9 is supported by VS2012/2013/2015 (at least pro version) plus installation of Application Builder for Windows Embedded Compact 2013.

    It may be possible to convert your old project to new (above refered) VS by open the project file with it (not solution file). But as the new platform is not in the project as “hack” is required before and you must add the new platform by hand (using a text editor).

    It may be easier to create a new solution/project and add your old files and old settings afterwards."

    You can access older VS versions by purchase a "Visual Studio Subscription".

    Note WEC2013 is EOL in 2028!

    So best way to stay on Windows OS would be to choose a newer platform which supports Windows 10 IOT (e.g. PicoCOREx).


    nice that it works.

    For got boot screen working with 5V too you have to create a new PSD file.

    1. disable boot screen in EBoot by enter: XDE ...

    2. write current display settings (containing the 5V-type-bit set) to PSD, by using ndcucfg command "boot display on"

    3. enable bootscreen in EBoot again by enter: XDE ...

    4. now you have also 5V enabled for boot screen too

    5. to create new PSD file use ndcucfg command "psd read <mynewpsd>.bin". Copy this file to your host and flash it as usual.

    Hope this helps.

    PS: sorry, for sure you need the future EBoot which contains the feature above too. It will be included into Eboot V2.8.


    you can download the new kernel from your custom download area.

    Please rocognize the history file too if any questions please come back.

    PS: your kernel verision is very old (refer change log). Maybe we should think about an update. But then you have to verify your application with the new image.


    you will find XIPIMX6_C8E_V3.7_BETA_231018 in the common FSIMX6 download area, please test.

    For activate 5V for LVDS on efusA9 or efusA9R2 you have to modify your Registry value type as follow:

    newtype = currenttype | 0x0010.


    current value type is 0x4006

    new value type is 0x4016.

    PS: we will release the V3.7 including all Windows Embedded Compact Updates in approx. two weeks.


    assume special rights are not required. I test with a standard commandline template and create folders ffsdisk/111 and ffsdisk/111/222 by console and following works without issues:

    BOOL Res = RemoveDirectory(_T("ffsdisk\\111\\222"));

    Res = RemoveDirectory(_T("ffsdisk\\111"));

    How do you test that the folder still exists?

    Any GetLastError!=0 in spite of Res=1?


    >> />echo "Hallo Welt" >> /exampleOutput.txt

    << In cmd it seems to be solved straightforward they just use _tfopen and write/append the string here.

    >> />echo "I will be send over STDIN" | someProcess.exe

    << In cmd it seems to be a bit more complex (much code anyway). But they use SetStdioPathW as fs-support_HK already told. They create a file "" with the string and set the file as STDIN by SetStdioPathW (instead of TEL1: or CON1:). Then they create (and open(?)) the process as outlined above.


    maybe I missunderstood. "We would like to create a process of a shell-like application which takes it command via STDIN and prints out the results via STDOUT" this is your "console".

    Think this is the way "Pocket CMD v 8.00 " calls "cild processes". See below this works. Or what is your parent proccess?


    you received a PCN from you distributor that for change from armStoneA9R2 to armStoneA9R4 new kernel an N-/EBoot are required!

    You have to use EBoot V2.6 for armStoneA9R4. Previous EBoot do not know the "R4" board!

    Sorry, there is an issue in kernel V3.5 concerning armStoneA9R4 and WEC7. We provide you corrected V3.6 asp.

    >> We found new r4 are not exactly the same board as we was told (only PHY IC was changed) and seems there are many differences, even PCB route is totally new

    << Only routes concerning PHY should have changed. For details you may contact our HW department.


    >> in my case always say HKLM\System\RTC\BatteryGood=1, even disconnecting battery .. is this right ??

    << This value is only read while boot, so you have to reboot after remove Vbat.

    >> ...power, "minutes" field are lost and start "00" again.

    << I am a bit helpless about the situation. I test it again and it works also there are not changes in HW refer to RTC. And i don't think RTC on two boards are demaged.

    Does the issues persit if you connect only Ethernet and serial debug line? Maybe we have some side effects. You can get/set date and time via telnet -> command "date" and "time".

    Can you send one board direct to my desk for investigation?


    sorry eboot menu for watchdog is invalid. HW watchdog is always on when kernel is loaded from Flash.

    If kernel hangs or threads below priority 100 block for about 4s the HW watchdog fires.

    The API refers the WEC SW watchdog.

    Do you have threads running or adjust driver priorities below 100?

    Are there any additional serial debug information in case of watchdog reboot?


    I did two checks with kernel V3.5 and armStoneA9 HW rev. 1.20. One with default time zone one with time zone UTC+1. In both cases I cannot reproduce the issue.

    I did following steps in both cases:

    1. power on set date and time

    2. power off for about 1min

    3. power on, check date and time -> OK

    4. power off for about 10min

    5. power on, check date and time -> OK

    When I remove the battery the debug line shows the follwing information:


    WARNING: SNVS was reset.

    RTC: VBAT is low or not available!

    [OAL] MACB: Disabled

    [OAL] RestartReason: IPP


    Ths information is also available under HKLM\System\RTC\BatteryGood=dword:<zero=NOK or one=OK>


    1) all setting you do via control panel (or ndcucfg) are stored in RAM. For store it into Flash you have to do a "reg save" (which wraps RegFlushKey()). That is valid for all our board and it was always like this all the time.

    2) Ok, I will check. This is an unknown issue!

    >> This new kernel version is showed as: V3.05 Built Jan 25 2023 in FSBoadConfig utility instead of V3.50

    << Thanks, this is a formating bug we try to remove it in the next version. Both are wrong it should be V3.5.