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    i just send you Kernelupdate V1.20 Beta by email

    I test it several times by switch between the kernel outlined below and it works without any issue. Please test and let me know if any issues may occur.

    Terminate all your applications before launch Kernelupdate! If you load data from BINFS while update this may cause an exception.

    efusA9X V1.40 - Firmware Init

    Copyright (c) 2015 F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH

    Build: Feb 6 2019/16:31:07

    efusA9X V1.30 - Firmware Init

    Copyright (c) 2015 F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH

    Build: Jan 30 2019/09:40:36


    >> ... "lied" kernel update tool that my platform is "efusA9 V1.00",

    << The IOCTLs should be the same rest is done by kernel so i await your "lie" should work too;)


    running the applcation from ffsdisk while modify data in ffsdisk should be no problem!

    Is it possible that you application cause heavy CPU load? So that the Storage Manager has no time to do his work.


    sorry but this label has nothing to do with the SW installed. Because of soon EOL of WCE6 we deliver with this licence at the time. This is a agreement with MS.

    This board (000551125BC1) is equipped with:

    Boot Loader, Version 1.8

    NBoot, Version C427.

    So you should be able to download kernel (and eboot) as usually!

    So we have to check whats is going wrong here. Can you confirm that it works with an older board?

    HW and SW does not change since several years.


    OS is *not* irellevant for download kernel, eboot, nboot, ... via NetDCUUSBLoader. The download is triggerd from EBoot!

    As far as i know PicoCOM4 is *not* available with Windows Embedded Compact (7 or 2013)! You are really sure that you have a PicoCOM4?


    i don't think the ceplayit application is the root of the problem(s). I test it on an imx6 board and it works well. So i assume the problems are located in the display driver, maybe other modules and configuration. So we can't offer you a short term solution (also it is holiday time right now).

    Another point is the that imx6sx has no HW accelleration in contrast to imx6. So this CPU is not mainly assigned for multimedia applications.

    Can you send me your movie and your handling procedure by email?



    "fs_tchproxy.dll" is only the Interface between GWES and touch driver. The active driver is under HKLM\Drivers\builtin\<boardname>\... , in the touch key where "flags"=dword:8 (dword:4 means "driver will not be load").

    Nevertheless you cannot (and i would not recommend) delay a touch for 100ms within the driver. Why do you wan't to do this? Maybe we find an other solution for your purpose.


    as already mention i would not address this resolved issues direct to your problem. And i see no possibility to fix this error without reproduce it in your office! I would prepare HW/SW so that i can measure line states/get further debug output. If you prepare cutable lines you may see if a slave helt the line(s) down in case of error.

    >> Does the NI2C allocate memory in any form to do a Transfer?

    << No, but a Memory leak can be everywhere. Call "GlobalMemoryStatus" from time to time to check this

    >> Updating the kernel in the field cannot be done

    << You can update kernel from OS: Update SW

    But frist i would locate the probelem and test the solution.

    Hello hkoettel,

    you send me an email that this issue is resolved with the latest BETA kernel V1.40. Thanks for this.

    PS: you can also refer our "changelog" for check resolved issues and our "roadmap" for check known issues. These files are located in the downloadarea for each board.