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    you have to use a tool for install the CAB (see attachment). There is no auto detection.

    Attachment includes:

    Wceload supports UI for CAB install.

    Wceldcmd requires commandline for install (refer www).

    PS: assume the problem is you try to launch the CAB direct no by a tool.

    SYSGEN_LVMOD is not set but this issue should only occur if your CAB is signed.



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    SYSGEN_CONNMGR2 is included into your kernel. So I am quite sure you don't need "cellcore.dll". Include cmnet.h and link against cmnet.lib in your project (cmnet.dll is included into the image). Both files are part of SDK.

    I think i understand what you need, please check if the following link and sublinks include what you need (i did not check it in detail):

    Connection Manager (Compact 2013)


    if any requirements force use of cellcore please come back i will provide you a beta image with cellcore than.


    Sorry i did not saw this "I also tried to recompile the OpenNETCF dlls which should implement everything we need, but those libraries also rely on CellCore.dll" while first read. I will provide you an image with cellcore for test today. But maybe you can also remove the cellcore stuff from the project?


    thank you for this information. Sounds very good and it seems you are almost finished!

    Unfortunately for the last step i can give you also only a hint but this may work faster as study the whole MS docs concering this issue. You can export the the registry you created "via the picoCOM using the display and keyboard" using the Remote Registry Editior. Afterwards you set the Registry to default and export it again. Now you can compare the two Registy using a tool like Winmerge or similar tool. By this procedure you can extract very fast the relvant VPN settings. If you doubt that a setting is relevant or not please come back i will check it.



    according this article "Automatically connect to VPN on startup" you can use "RasDial" API.

    So for example RasEnumConnections should list you all your VPNs you created before ... and RasDial should do the connect.

    And according this article "How do I make a VPN connection automatically start" you can also use the Connection Manager API.

    Sounds not straightforward and it seems to be a bit of work but hope this helps you.

    PS: think first link is only useful if you are connected via a modem!


    by default there is no USB Wifi driver available on PicoCOMA9X (we offer also other products like efusA9X which has already wifi HW and SW on board!).

    For PicoCOMA9X i see two ways to implement WiFi via USB:

    1. You have tho check if your WiFi HW vendor offers also a WEC2013 driver.

    2. We can include MS BSP_NIC_RTWLANU driver (and additional Wifi configuration modules) into a custom image, following HW (chip sets) should be supported.

    To find the vendors and brands, you can use .

    Sample for first HW: vendor id=050D, product id= 1102























































































































    >> 1. ,,, see UFL connector on it, I suppose it is used for WiFi)..

    << Yes! Plesase use an antenna. You definitly need an antenna else i won't work reliable! If you later put your device in a box (maybe) it won't work at all.

    ... Nevertheless, WLAN should not crash, no matter signal Level.

    << For sure, i 100% agree with you. But i need information which i can provide our supplier.

    >> 2. I have updated the complete BSP. As a matter of fact, I have binary compared old and new version of BSP, and used files from new BSP where ever differences occurred.

    << Ok, so i think we have same base here.

    >>3. What signal level is considered good or normal by your WiFi supplier?

    << I have to ask this also. I will also request a complete list of registry settings. But from other cards i remember the value "46" for "poorrssi" on may side i saw values in the range from 48 to 52. (But when i connect to a far away AP i have values form 1...10, but i do not stay conneted for a long time and i can't copy but it also not crashes)-

    >>Do they recommend to use WiFi antenna?

    << Yes.

    I please you to answer "1." so that i can forward it to our supplier.


    First at all, i am sorry for all the trouble you have with this driver.

    But with the current driver i cannot reproduce the error any more. With the previous one it takes less then 24 hours until WLAN crashes - even in idle state, just connected!

    With the current driver i am connected to our WLAN with two efus over 48h/72h and copy more than 1GB Data in and out each board. I did exactly the same test as you decribed. So if the driver has still bugs it must be related to a very special situation.

    Two things we should clearfy before i contact our supplier again.

    1. It seems that your RSSI is low (RSSI:19 => 16, 51 on my side) can you use a repeater and check if the error still occures. So i can give supplier more details when the bug occurs.

    2. I wonder about your exception while startup. I never realized it on my side. I will check it on Monday/Tuesday in more detail. So my question is, did you only update the DLL or the complete BSP? The binaries under \COMMON\SRC\NETDCU\WLAN\SDMAC\SDIO_WIFI\FILES are very important!

    >> problem with 2.4GHz band still exists with the new version of driver

    << Assume you enlarge the distance to your AP for this test? Whats about RSSI in this case?


    ok i will wait for more details/debug output.

    At first glance i would say the Wifi driver is ok now. I had one test running over 48h. Now i have two boards running (one since yesterday 18°°) and copied nearly 500MB in and out without issues.

    Maybe we have another issue:(?

    BTW: you should set a valid Network Address under HKLM\Comm\qca9377_sd1\parms!

    Especailly you have two board in the same Network!

    I will check but i am sure i gave you the right one.

    It creashes when you copy data or even when it is idle?

    The latest driver prints out version 2.4 while boot ( built on Dec 9 2020).

    Are there any additional debug output while chrash?


    >> Are you sure you gave me good BSP?

    << Yes the files in your BSP are the right one! You should also see the two previous version in subfolders (201207 and 201210)


    all required features should be included into kernel XIPiMX6SX_C8E_V140_BETA_200902. Maybe already in your kernel you may easily check it.

    For VPN refer:

    Virtual Private Networking (Compact 2013)

    Maybe also a dial-up connection may be interessting for you? You can connect from the device via moden to your Service Provider:

    Dial-up Networking Reference (Compact 2013) this feature is inactive if key HKLM\extmodems does not exists!

    Sample refer GPRSTest.

    You are welcome back for any questions/issues - but please keep in mind that i also have to dig in the documentation.

    PS: there is an UI under Control Panel -> Dial-Up and Network Connections -> Make New Connection ...


    you can download new BSP and test new WiFi diver in your enviroment. Yesternoon i got anohter version from our supplier ("with only small modification") so i did not test it in detail.

    Await your test results and hope your problems are resolved now.


    >> We have a question, if there are two or more devices on the same LAN, what happens?

    << This should be no problem each device should have a unique IP in this LAN

    >> Furthermore, we need NOT to configure the router ...

    << But CERDisp uses port 987! Sorry if have no experience with Networks but i assume it is required - we should test it.

    So I suggest to provide you a kernel with VNP? Then you can connect the device from another LAN to your VPN server ... .

    >> ... to find some alternative solution

    << What's your purpose? Do you really need the UI? By default a web server is running on the device or you can use an "open" tcpip port for configuration purposes via VPN.