Missing source code for WEC7 BSP_FSIMX6SX_WLAN_20190219.zip

  • Hello Everybody,

    We are using F&S efusA9X in order to make a new version of our Smart electricity meters' Data Concentrator. In the previous version we were using NXP i.MX535 CPU integrated to our own CPU board. We are using WEC7, for i.MX535, BSP was provided by Italian company Adeneo, and we have developed 6 specific (stream) device drivers:

    - TelitDriver - to restet GPRS modem

    - temperaturedriver - to monitor system temperature

    - PWRST - to read level of the auxiliary power supply

    - XWDT - for watchdog

    - XRTC - for external RTC

    - AmisDriver - for power control

    Of course, the goal is to have these drivers running on the new Data Concentrator using F&S efusA9X. We can’t compile them, as we do not have driver sources for your BSP. Can you give us development environment in order to compile our drivers?

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,

    Miodrag Bazdar