How to use WLAN module AzureWave AW-CM276NF as Access Point (AP)

  • The WLAN module on PicoCore can also be used as access point.

    It's important to know, that the interface mlan0 is used for station mode and the interface uap0 is used for softAP mode.

    By default, only mlan0 is started during boot.

    To start uap0 during boot you have to set the paramter "driver_mode" of module "mwifiex" to th value 3.

    Best way to do this, is to set the variable "extra" in u-boot like following:

    1. setenv extra mwifiex.driver_mode=0x03

    The result is, that the interface mlan0 and the interface uap0 are started during boot.

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