USB Host changes from PicoMOD1 to PicoMOD 1.2?

  • I recently replaced the PicoMOD1 in our Hardware with a PicoMOD1.2. Now the OS does not detect USB Drives that I plug in.

    ActiveSync works fine. But I have used different Memory Sticks that all worked with PicoMOD1 but Windows does not fire WM_DEVICECHANGE Message nor appears the "Hard Disk" folder in the Filesystem.

    The module is currently running version

    PicoMOD1.2 V2.06 - Firmware Init

    Copyright (c) 2013 F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH

    Build: Jul 28 2016/13:04:08

    Registry of \HKLM\Drivers\BuiltIn\USB1 has factory settings.

    Does it need a hardware adaptation to use USB now?

  • Hello,

    it may help to swtich from USB2.0 to USB1.1. You can do this by set Registry value "ForceFullSpeed" fpr USB host, refer: Device-Driver-Doc.

    For new design you should check the suggestions in the PM1.2 HW Doc for USB host.

    F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH
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