• Hey,

    Due to a shortage in electronic materials, we had to order Efus boards without ethernet capabilities.

    All the configurations we previously did via telnet/ftp, we are no longer able to do.

    My question for you is:

    Can we transfer our application files to ffsdisk, whom do the configuring of the board for a correct display etc.. , via USB?

    Maybe using DCUTermi?

    At the moment we have a windows image running, but the Efus module is not yet fully configured for the correct display etc..

    I placed our application files on a USB and connected it to the board, using DCUTermi I tried to Start the application, but without success.

    I'm also not sure of the directory I should use, ex.: start "\\USB Drive\DSK2\ApplicationName.exe"

    Any advice?

    Kind regards :)

  • Hello,

    the usb drive is called "hard disk", so maybe - start "\hard disk\appname.exe" - works (but i am not sure because of the space in hard disk).

    Other possibilities may be:

    - transmit the Rgistry for display, ... via text file, DCUTerm -> menu -> File -> transmit text file, then use "cmd" for copy app. and so on.

    - Use the Update Tool (a blind reboot is required but this should be no problem because of the short script in your case) see docs under Update-Tool

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