EBoot and "Registry Reset" ('R') Command

  • Hello,

    I was just wondering what exactly the "registry reset" command does in Eboot? (Eboot version 1.4 for efusA9X)

    Does it reset the complete registry to the default values or just the part that is included in the windows image?

    Background of the question is the following:

    I have the impression - which might be wrong - that the registry reset does not always reset everything in the registry. For example, I had changed the default network setting from DHCP to static IP address via registry. After a registry reset via 'R' command in Eboot, the device still seemed to run with static IP address. We haven't investigated this in detail yet, but I've been told this by other developers as well. Hence the above question. :-)

    Best regards, Habi

  • Hello,

    command "R" should reset complete Registry to kernels default, hence also HKLM\comm\... .

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