Audio codec sgtl5000 problem

  • Hello,

    there is some problem in sgtl5000 probe function - snd_soc_register_card fails. I turned on some I2C debug messages and here is relevant part of linux booting:

    sgtl5000 2-000a: probe

    i2c i2c-2: master_xfer[0] W, addr=0x0a, len=2

    i2c i2c-2: master_xfer[1] R, addr=0x0a, len=2

    i2c i2c-2: <i2c_imx_xfer>

    i2c i2c-2: <i2c_imx_start>

    i2c i2c-2: <i2c_imx_bus_busy>

    i2c i2c-2: <i2c_imx_xfer> transfer message: 0

    i2c i2c-2: <i2c_imx_xfer> CONTROL: IEN=1, IIEN=1, MSTA=1, MTX=1, TXAK=1, RSTA=0

    i2c i2c-2: <i2c_imx_xfer> STATUS: ICF=1, IAAS=0, IBB=1, IAL=0, SRW=0, IIF=0, RXAK=1

    i2c i2c-2: <i2c_imx_write> write slave address: addr=0x14

    i2c i2c-2: <i2c_imx_trx_complete> TRX complete

    i2c i2c-2: <i2c_imx_acked> No ACK

    i2c i2c-2: <i2c_imx_stop>

    i2c i2c-2: <i2c_imx_bus_busy>

    i2c i2c-2: <i2c_imx_xfer> exit with: error: -6

    sgtl5000 2-000a: Error reading chip id -6

    i2c-core: driver [sgtl5000] registered

    fsl-ssi-dai 2028000.ssi: No cache defaults, reading back from HW

    imx-sgtl5000 sound-sgtl5000: ASoC: CODEC DAI sgtl5000 not registered

    imx-sgtl5000 sound-sgtl5000: snd_soc_register_card failed (-517)

    Before this, the same I2C bus is used to communicate with rtc-pcf8563 and this communication seems to work.

    What should I do with this issue?


  • Hello,

    I was looking for some information about audio in PicoCOMA9X and in picocoma9x.dts I found this:

    ETH_B replaces the audio signals, so no audio is possible if ETH_B is available.

    When our PicoCOMA9X starts U-Boot prints this line:

    PicoCOMA9X Rev 1.10 (2x LAN, 1x DRAM).

    Does it mean, that there is no audio in our module? How can I found, what variant of PicoCOMA9X we exactly have?

    Can you find the variant by module's serial number 161F60?

    Thank you,