Ignition (IGN/ACC) sense for controlled shutdown

  • Hi,

    I'm developing a router for robotic use and would like to use the vehicle "Ignition Sense" wire, also know as ACC or IGN, to power ON and delayed OFF the PicoCore.

    Anyone have done this?

    Any schematic example available?

    I there some more detailed information about the following PicoCore pins?

    J2-44 PMIC_STBY

    J2-46 PMIC_ON_REQ

    J2-48 On_Off


  • The On-Off signal is to use a power button like on a PC. By a short button press, you can trigger a standby mode and by a press longer than 4 seconds, you can trigger a hard shutdown. When in standby or shutdown mode, pressing the button will wake up the system again. This may require additional support by the power infrastructure on your baseboard, for example for VDD_SNVS on Pin J2-38. Please contact our hardware department if you want to use this feature.

    The PMIC_ON_REQ signal is active when the system is going to ON state. This can be used to power up all devices on the baseboard.

    The PMIC_STBY signal is active when the system is going to shut down. This can be used to do some final clean-up work before the PMIC_ON_REQ will also go inactive.

    A more detailed explanation of these signals can be found in the reference manual for i.MX8MP CPU. These signals are directly connected to the according CPU pins.

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