• Hello Team,

    We have created IMX8MM Yocto build WIC image. After we flash, could you please suggest the u-boot environment modification required? We are using SDCARD to flash WIC image and boot the board.

    Please help to suggest the U-BOOT environment variable modification to boot from sdcard and using wic partition (instead of ubifs) .

    Please help on this with priority.


  • Hello Sundar,

    which release do you use?

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  • Hello,

    for a PicoCoreMX8MM, I could boot from the sdcard by setting the following environments:

    1. setenv mmcdev 0
    2. setenv usdhcdev 0
    3. run .kernel_mmc
    4. run .fdt_mmc
    5. run .rootfs_mmc
    6. saveenv
    7. boot

    The order of the mmc and usdhc device might change between releases and boards.

    Your F&S Support Team