• Recovery Tool for i.MX8 series (v1.1.6)


    The Recovery Tool for the i.MX8 series provides a simple way to restore the firmware on the board up to a working U-Boot. The tool and a description, how to use it, can be accessed in the download section in "My F&S" under "BOARD_NAME/Linux/Recovery Tool/". The tool comes packed with the current latest NBoot and U-Boot from the release of the architechture. Firmware from another release can be applied by removing the NBoot and U-Boot from the folder and exchanging them with the ones from the target release.

    ATTENTION: You should never have multiple NBoot and U-Boot files in the folder of the Recovery Tool!

    Changes since v1.1.5;

    • Fix parsing of new NBoot
    • Add form and handling for boardrevision
    • Add checkbox to keep CMD for UUU open
    • Add simple and expert mode

    Supported boards:

    • armStoneMX8MP, efusMX8MP, PicoCoreMX8MP, PicoCoreMX8MPr2
    • PicoCoreMX8MM-DDR3L, PicoCoreMX8MM-LPDDR4, PicoCoreMX8MMr2-LPDDR4

    Releases for included firmware binaries:

    • fsimx8mm-Y2023.10
    • fsimx8mp-Y2023.09

    Your F&S Support Team

    Edited once, last by fs-support_KM: Add release entry for included firmware binaries and differentiate between LPDDR4 and DDR3L variant of PicoCoreMX8MM. ().