FSDeviceSpy & BCSend - Network Discover & Connection Tool

  • FSDeviceSpy & BCSend

    In the Windows IoT environment, F&S Boards usually are assigned an IP address via DHCP.

    Identifying the current IP address of these boards can be challenging, especially without a connected display. But there's a light at the end of the tunnel...


    To address this, F&S has developed a new application 'BCSend' that automatically executes an broadcast on your WinIoT F&S Boards at the beginning.

    This application is standardly implemented on every F&S board. If you don't need this application, you can easily turn it off in the settings:

    Now, the question arises: who initiates with the broadcast? This is where the additional application, FSDeviceSpy, comes into play.


    FSDeviceSpy tool can intercept this broadcast. Once a F&S Board (in this case Desktop-U561LPJ) is intercepted, users can establish various connections with their host machine, like SSH or Remote Desktop:

    You can now download FSDeviceSpy in the attachment of the forum post. Have Fun :grin: