OSM Carrier Board Design Made Easy

  • Great news, F&S has created a library for easy integration of OSM into customers carrier board.

    The library contains:

    1. Schematic:

    • library (fs_osm.olb) including:
      • general OSM symbol (V1.1, size S)
      • symbols of F&S OSM modules (module-specific implementation information)
      • F&S OSM spacer symbol
      • F&S OSM heatspreader symbol (p.n. & scope of supply)

    2. PCB

    • fs_osm_lga332_1p25_30x30_bb.dra:
      footprint of OSM module (baseboard side, include position references for the spacers, suitable for the use of the F&S OSM heatspreader Rev.1.10)
    • fs_osm_spacer_m2p5_3p0.dra
      footprint of OSM spacer

    3. 3D

    • 3D model of OSM-SF-8ULP_REV100
    • 3D model of OSM-SF-MX93_REV100
    • 3D model of OSM-SF-IMX8MM_REV110

    OSM Design Data

    F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH
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