New Demo Application: .NET8 on Linux with GUI and Hardware Interfaces

  • We just released a new software on GitHub, giving you examples how to use various hardware interfaces with .NET8 on Linux:

    FusDotnetDemo implements the official .NET IoT Libraries from Microsoft, which make it easy to use the hardware features of F&S Boards.

    Examples for following peripheries are implemented:

    - GPIO

    - CAN

    - I2C

    - SPI

    - UART

    - PWM

    - LED

    - Audio

    - Camera

    The software is written in C# and the graphical user interface is built with Avalonia UI.

    A tutorial on how to add .NET to your Buildroot or Yocto image and more can be found in this document: DOTNET on F&S Boards

    At the moment, the software is tested to run on a PicoCoreMX8MPr2 with a Yocto image installed.

    However, it should also work on other Boards (given that .NET is already installed), but there won't be default values set, for example which GPIO pin to use etc.

    You can find these values in the Hardware Documentation for each Board.

    Your F&S Support Team

    F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH
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