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    Why can't I compile all Daisy script source?Can't I compile all daisy script source when using DcuComp Demo-verion?
    - In my main daisy script file MainFile-DCUL7.dsf included some file languages:

    1. #include "Languages\DictionaryInternxEnglish.dsf"
    2. #include "Languages\DictionarySMTxMMIxAsian.dsf"

    But I saw that the DcuComp only scaning these files and didn't compile them, below are log result:

    Scanning Include-File Languages\DictionarySMTxMMIxAsian.dsf
    End of file Languages\DictionarySMTxMMIxAsian.dsf
    Scanning Include-File Languages\DictionaryInternxEnglish.dsf
    End of file Languages\DictionaryInternxEnglish.dsf
    End of file MainFile-DCUL7.dsf
    Script-File translation completed
    Parser-End successful
    ## DEMO-Version: FMaker not started

    Therefore the .DEF file created only contain the main script compiled and not contain the languages which are included
    - I have checked available versions of DCUCOMP in Daisy-2 and Firmware Folder, I saw that these versions were Demo-Version.

    Below are result when I run the command “DCUC32.EXEâ€Â:

    ## DcuComp, Demo-Version, V 1.139
    ## F & S Elektronik Systeme GmbH
    ## Phone: (+49)(0)711/6772240
    ## <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

    Current we are developing firmware for graphic board DCUL7, we have created Daisy script file for DCULx in compilermode. But I didn't know how to download firmware to graphic board DCUL7. Can you help me?
    And below are some questions:
    - About download cable: I know that we need serial cable RS232(connect from PC to DCULx board) to flash the graphic board DCUL7, but I don't know what kind of cable RS232?and Where can we buy this cable?
    - About software to download firmware(file .DEF format):
    + We refer the document on…/dculx/english/dah1st.pdf , Item "Development Steps" in dah1st.pdf, page 9. We saw that we need software DOWN102 or DOWN103 to download the binary file(.DEF) to DCULx board
    + But When we refer, We think that we need the DCUTerm software to download binary file(.DEF) to DCULx board
    => We didn't know that we will use DOWN102, DOWN103 or DCUTerm to download binary file(.DEF) to DCULx board