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    in order to change the Kernel of a NetDCU10, I had to change the partitioning (20MB instead of 16MB).
    Partitioning ended OK, it is possible to download kernels via USB and downloading ends OK, too, also with different kernels.

    The only problem is that NDUCFG on COM1 is not receiving any character, while it is outputting the bootloader strings correctly.
    During bootloader COM1 works OK, so hardware is working correctly (38400-N-8-1).

    In this situation:
    - Connection via ActiveSync works correctly
    - I can't connect via Ethernet (I need static IP, I can change the registry via ActiveSync but can't save)
    - I can't work with kbd and mouse because I can't configure the local display (again, no reg save possible)
    - I can't Telnet NetDCU10 (no static IP address)

    Pls. can you help ?


    is always returning 0. I'd expect CTS bit (0x10) to change if I manually toggle CTS signal on port 2.

    Function is PInvoked through:

    1. [DllImport("coredll.dll")]
    2. public static extern bool GetCommModemStatus(
    3. IntPtr handle,
    4. out uint lpModemStat
    5. );

    Is there any error in my code, or maybe something misfunctioning in the serial driver ?

    Pls. can you post the registry configuration to program Bits PC16..PC23 as GPIOs ?

    Port C is 24 bits wide: do I have to write 3 bytes on the "DIO1:" virtual file for setting bits 16..23 ?
    If yes, which is the bytes order (LSByte, MSByte) ?

    Are the bits PC0..PC2 available as digital I/O by default or are they used as analog inputs ?

    Which are the needed dimensions for the partitions :
    - OS-Image
    - Extended partition

    Default is 12MB for OS-Image, but it's too small.

    Then, when partitioning with 'P', I get messages
    "can't erase block 0x01" ..
    "can't erase block 0x11"

    All blocks are marked as bad and next messages are
    FMD_SetBlockStatus : SetBlockStatus failed (xx).

    So, I can't succeed in dwonloading the Kernel.
    Pls. can you help ?

    I used TCPMP on NetDCU8 (MIPS version) and it was working ok.
    I tried TCPMP (ARM version) on the NetDCU10: program starts correctly, shows the main screen but a soon as I load a file and try to play it, the program stops with an (unknown) error.
    Could this be related to the version of WinCE on the boards (5 vs. 6) ?
    Do you have any version of TCPMP working with NetDCU10 ?

    Of course Windows Media Player is an alternative, But I would like to keep using TCPMP.