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    I am trying to desing a new app on windows 10 for downloading the Windows CE kernel to the board in productopn. In the past I used to run NetDCUUSBLoader.exe as an external process in my software. But in UWP(Universal winodws platfrom) it's no longer possible to launch executables.
    I was wondering if there is any workaround?
    Can we have access to the source code of NetDCUUSBLoader? in this manner it would be possible to re-use the code internally in other applications..


    Do you mean windows kernel image by "Latest System SW"?
    if yes, the kernel version of my board is V1.03-Build Dec 4 2013.

    unfortunately I don't know how to access the download area. your website has changed a lot...

    there are some other problems with dynamic method, I'll try to report them in the next post.


    I chose the permanent method and did as you said but the display is not totally rotated yet.

    I've also noticed the following errors in debug output after I set rotate parameter to 90:

    Could you help me to overcome this problem?



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    I'm trying to rotate the screen on PicoCOM A5. My display is "EDT ET057090"(mode 13).
    So far I have swapped the values for height and width as well as "LPP","rows" with "PPL","columns" in registry settings.

    Please have a look to the screenshot of current look of my display. it seems that the desktop is not rotated at all however the task bar is in a proper place.
    Is there anything I'm missing?

    Thanks in advance,


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    I've been experimenting PicoComA5 since a while ago. it used to work fine but after a sudden I could never approach to windows screen. following is the debug output:

    Do you have any idea what can be the problem?
    I think problem has raised when since changed the start up program from explorer.exe to my own software in the registry,however I tried "R" command in the bootloader menu several times after that but no success so yet!

    Do you have any suggestion of how to use a MATLAB code in WinCE? is it possible to generate DLL files under some certain circumstances and load it in windows CE projects?


    I've realized that I wrote we're planning to use V1.12 but the debug info is for V1.11. I should mention that same is happening in V1.12.

    It doesn't start at all, I'm not sure if it hangs or there is a hardware problem. following is the complete debug information when it crash:

    Thanks for your help

    We're planning to migrate from V1.06 to V1.12. Sometime in the latest kernel when the board is powered up, WinCE doesn't boot up. Do you know what could be the problem?
    I have to say, it used to work properly in V1.06.


    I've noticed that sometimes when a point is touched in (windows or my application) touch driver get a totally wrong place!
    I have to say, same application works fine in PicoCom2.

    As an example I have a folder under "FFSDISK" directory which contains several files. when I try to point them on by one sometimes it make another file blue and behave randomly.

    Do you have any idea?