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    i have found the failure.
    I have written UsesAsIOA instead of UseAsIOA



    Correct is:



    Thanx !

    Thanks for your support.

    We use the port not with pull down.
    In our use the pin is low and we set 3.3V on the pin.

    We have also tried a lot of PicMOD6 boards, but they all do the same.
    I use the starterkit for this, no special own board.

    If you use the pin with standard high, why do you not set DataInitA=0xFFFFFFFF ?

    We will try it with pull down and post results in this thread ...

    The sample works not and there is no executable inside the zip file.

    But i created a new project and copied the relevant sources and now it works on picomod6
    but still no data is read from port.

    Look here:

    I have set the debug reg key, but i get no debug messages and no error message !

    Now i try the sample from you, but still there is a linker error:
    coredll.lib(COREDLL.dll) : fatal error LNK1112: Modul-Computertyp "THUMB" steht in Konflikt mit dem Zielcomputertyp "ARM

    Maybe a conversion problem, because of Visual Studio 2008.


    i've got the same problem with PicoMOD6 but using C++.
    I use already the same settings as described above.
    But i get never data after ReadFile.

    I use Kernel V1.04 (6. Sept. 2010)

    Here the functions:

    Here are the Reg-Settings:

    1. "UsesAsIOA"=dword:0000ffff
    2. "DataDirA"=dword:00002000
    3. "Prefix"="DIO"
    4. "Dll"="PM6_DIGIO.dll"
    5. "Order"=dword:00000097
    6. "Index"=dword:00000001
    7. "Ioctl"=dword:00000004
    8. "Port"=dword:00000001
    9. "FriendlyName"="Digital I/O driver for PicoMOD6"

    Thanx !


    it is possible to use DirectDraw with PicoMOD 6?
    Do you have examples ?

    ( because, i cannot find the Microsoft examples for DirectDraw in my installation, i don't know
    where they are )


    ich verwende eine Klasse CBmpRehandleMit mit dieser wird das Bitmap in einen Memory Block geladen, mit diesem kann dann mit CreateBitmap ein Bitmap Object erzeugt werden.
    Wir haben an der Picomod 6 ein Display mit Farbtiefe 16 Bit angeschlossen, die Bitmaps erscheinen in anderen Farben und sind auch noch verschoben.
    Ich habe damals extra Funktionen eingebaut, die die Farbtiefe der Bitmaps umrechnen, da wir die Klassen des MMI ja auch auf XP verwendet haben. Auf Windows XP mit Farbtiefe 24 Bit funktioniert die Umrechnung von 8 auf 24 bit gut und die Bitmaps können angezeigt werden.
    In 16 Bit auf Picomod allerdings, wird es trotzdem nicht richtig dargestellt.

    Vielen Dank für Ihre Hilfe !


    we need semi transparent drawing and if i understand TransparentBlt correct, it can only do transparent
    or not transparent drawing but noting between.

    Where can i find DDraw?

    I have no experience with OpenGL and i thing it costs more than current kernel ?

    Do you think an owner written function for alphablending is much faster than the IImage::Draw function ?
    ( we will use png´s and not bitmaps )

    Regards, ak


    this is the output of the Bootloader:

    I think i have the newest one !

    Regards, ak


    now i have another problem using IImage::Draw to draw PNG Images.
    I tested the draw routine with a lot of PNG´s, in my case up to 50.
    The performance is not good, because it takes more than 20 seconds to draw all
    PNG´s into the CDC.
    (20s are only possible, if i use the third parameter of the IImage::Draw routine "srcRect", but sometimes
    PicoMod6 makes an reboot while drawing)
    (If i do not use the "srcRect" Parameter, it will never come back and PicoMod6 makes an reboot)

    Regards, ak

    I use following code:

    int d = 55;
    for(int i = 1; i < 57; i++)
    if( i <= 14 )
    rcDst.MoveToXY( d*(i-1), 0 );
    if( i > 14 && i <= 28 )
    rcDst.MoveToXY( d*(i-1-14), 70 );
    if( i > 28 && i <= 42 )
    rcDst.MoveToXY( d*(i-1-28), 140 );
    if( i > 42 && i <= 56 )
    rcDst.MoveToXY( d*(i-1-42), 210 );

    if( arrResult.GetAt(i) == S_OK )
    hr = arrPNGs.GetAt(i)->Draw( m_dc.m_hDC, &rcDst, &rcSrcMM );
    if( hr != S_OK )
    CString s;
    s.Format(L"Error in Show_new hr: [%d]", hr );
    AfxMessageBox( s, MB_OK );
    Sleep(100); //without sleep -> PicMod6 reboots

    I do not understand why it does not work.

    Yes, i downloaded the latest SDK this week. But, i have installed it without documentation (custom),
    because i have got an error while installing it.
    I use Windows 7 and Visual Studio 2008.

    Regards, ak

    Hello Support-Team,
    we use PicoMod 6 and i have tried this example here, but it can't be compiled.
    I´ve got the following error:
    error LNK2001: Nicht aufgelöstes externes Symbol "CLSID_ImagingFactory"

    I used the includes:

    and linked to library:

    and Visual Studio 2008 on Windows 7.

    I will write a multithread Application and therefore the DCOM solution is not really the best
    way to use alphablending. Do you know another solution ?

    Why it is not possible to use CImage::Load ? The function is described in the documentation, but not available
    in the SDK ?

    Thanx, Axel Koch