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    Hi everyone,

    I'm in the process of building the Buildroot fsimx6-B2022.10 and I'm consistently encountering a 404 error during the "make" stage.
    I haven't found any specific information regarding this issue in the existing documentation or online.

    For reference, I've attached a photo showing the error message in detail.

    Could this be an issue with the source or repositories? If so, how should I proceed? Are there any known fixes or patches that could help?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I'm eager to continue with my project.

    We have a problem that the touch controller, after some times, become unresponsive.

    We use kernel V2.50 with Windows Embedded Compact 2013

    If I connect the board with cerdisp - cerhost the functionality of the display is correct.

    There is a command to reset the I2C driver of the display?

    P.S. I can send a Video that shows the issue.

    It's possible to have the application "Explorer" for Windows Embedded Compact 2013?
    I'm using an armStoneA9 board with 2.50 kernel.

    I need only the application, because I don't have the possibility to rebuild or reflash the image of the board.


    I've tried to simplify the if condition this way:

    and works fine, without thread sleep an similar.
    It seems that an if condition with many parameters fails the condition.

    I have this code:

    As you can see, the function result is true, but for no reason the if condition it's not executed.
    There are no exceptions, and if I execute the same code in debug mode, step by step, it works fine every time, but in runtime it doesn't work.
    I can't understand the reason.
    If I put a Thread.Sleep(100) before the "if" it works well in runtime too, but I can't understand why.

    The CEDDK_GetCPUCoreTemp gives me the error 6 or error 87.

    This is my Form1 test application.
    What is missing?

    I have a problem, in every circuits with PicoComA5
    Before of PicoComA5 we used PicoComA3 without problem
    Now with PicoComA5 with the same Software and Same hardware, after 10/24 H of work the application can't to write in to the SdCard.
    If I do one hardware reset, work fine but only for few hours, sometimes the Sd Card is broken
    I think do the problem when I use SqlCe and write in database in more threads

    Kernel XIPVYB_CE6Core_V2.2_150512.bin (I use this kernel because not present the problem - 0002967: [Touch driver] SX865x Touch Driver may send multiple down-up events while one stylus down-up cycle)

    SqlCe35 rev :3.5.8080.0

    SdCard type: Apacer 8Gb/4Gb Industrial