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    Hello all,

    I am having a strange effect here while trying to detect all open TCP connections.
    Using netstat -n at a telnet prompt shows all connections fine, exactly es expected.

    Buf it I use GetTcpTable() in an own program, the results are really strange.
    The size of the table being returned by the function differs, always according to the open connections.
    So if a CEMGR and an eVC debugger are active, there are more entries in the list than without.
    This seems OK by me, BUT the results are always "a bit wrong".

    If , for example a VNC server is running and listening, netstat shows the proper listening port 5900
    But the call GetTcpTable() alyways (!) returns the port number 5888.

    expected port: 5900d = 170Ch
    returned port 5888d = 1700h

    I am really confused.
    I directly sat on the call itself with the debugger and inspected the results, 5888 is really the return value and not the result of some dumb mangling within my code ...
    Any ideas what might go wrong here are highly welcome



    Hey all,

    is there a way to globally modify the colours that the display shows? We have two different display in use that differ slightly in terms of color reproduction. It would be ideal if there were some sort of RGB "Sliders" (registry/software whatever) in order to adjust each display type individually without the need to change the images used or the software itself.

    many thanks in advance
    Uli B.

    Hey all,

    I need all the following functions within one single installation using a wireless modem.
    Is that possible?

    - RAS Server for incoming calls
    - "outgoing" connection via GPRS to be able to send emails and or SMS in order to emit error notifications

    I wonder if I can still "ab"use the modem once it is configured to answer incoming RAS connection. If that is possible, I'd be very grateful for appropriate links or tips.


    note that the USB stick is not present at boot time even if it was plugged in. It seems to take CE some extra time to boot and mount the stick, roughly about 5 secs or so , depending on the make of the stick.

    So if you want to execute batch freom stick at boot time, that won't work. I wrote a small program to be put in the normal autostat folder that accomplishes that

    thats all:

    int WINAPI WinMain( HINSTANCE hInstance,
    HINSTANCE hPrevInstance,
    LPTSTR lpCmdLine,
    int nCmdShow)

    while(GetFileAttributes(L"\\hard disk\\ce_auto.bat") == 0xFFFFFFFF)
    if(0 == CreateProcess (L"cmd.exe",L"/c \"\\hard disk\\ce_auto.bat\"",NULL,NULL,FALSE,0,NULL,NULL,NULL,&pi))
    MessageBox(NULL,L"Cannot sart cmd.exe",L"TCAuto",MB_OK);
    return 0;


    I set the following registry key permenently and rebooted the system
    but I never got an automatic time update
    (I tested 3-25-2007 and 10-28-2007)

    what's going wrong ?


    hi there

    thanx, yes, I was aware of the registry settings and yes, we need all three serials.
    Using "ExitProcess" won't work, as that call ends the calling process itself :)

    My above posting was a bit unclear:
    We do not get "access denied" when trying to re-use the COM port, but when calling the TerminateProcess() fxn in order to kill ndcucfg.


    Hi at F&S!

    We use a DCU8 that comes up with the ndcucfg prompt at startup as usual. We want to keep that behaviour (eg for LCD-recalibration or other service purposes etc), but after a given time (say 30-60 sec) of no activity, we must use the port for our application.

    How can we accomplish that? Is there a timeout value after that ndcucfg termintes itself ? We tried to "kill" the program via TerminateProcess() , but all we get is error 5 / access denied.

    Only solution is to say "quit" at the other end of the ndcucfg line but that is no option as we cannot control the communication partner.

    Any ideas ?


    the GP DIO pins are said to be "LVC compliant".
    what does this mean ?

    how many loads can they drive ?

    are they 5 V compliant at the inputs?
    do they drive the <1> high enough for ordinary 5 V devices ?

    we need to attach a V24 level shifter in order to add some extra modem signals and we only have 5 V at hand, used to power the DCU
    any recommendations ?

    thanx in advance

    what to do if the three ports are not sufficient?

    any suggestions on how to extend them? extra hardware on a custom baseboard would be acceptable, so SPI/UART or USB/UART could be an option.... but the software side should be as close as possible to ordinary COMs (WriteFile etc)

    are there tested USB to serial converters out that work with CE or where drivers are available. do these devices cover the full temperature range?

    thanks in advance

    Recently I rechecked on and - yes - there are now both programs available - viewer and server.

    Downloaded and tested the Server component - works fine here

    I found it quite annoying there is no such program supplied with CE so I wrote it.

    You can use it to display running tasks or kill them, via console or Telnet. It is an EVC project and was tested on NetDCU8 with CE 5.0: It shows the use of "CreateToolhelp32Snapshot" etc.



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    I found nothing on

    check <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

    or , in general, use google. e.g. there seems to be a related sourceforge page

    please keep us updated with your results.